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16 facts about Fedez: who did Chiara Ferragni actually marry?


Chiara Ferragni and Fedez are married - the whole world has noticed. But who is the Italian rapper that the super blogger lost her heart to?

The relationship between Chiara Ferragni (31) and rapper Fedez will begin (Instagram) in October 2016. At that time, the influencer (with 14.5 million subscribers) and the 28-year-old Italian posted the first Pärli photo on their social media channels.

This was followed by further insights into the rapid development of relationships - including kiss pictures, cuddle photos and intimate snapshots from the bathroom and bedroom. Last weekend it came to the preliminary climax of the love story.

The super blogger and Federico Leonardo Lucia - as Fedez is called by full name - celebrated their dream wedding on Saturday, which was shared across the world via social media in carefully staged photos and videos. In the small Sicilian town of Noto, to which they traveled on a private jet operated by the Italian airline Alitalia, the couple said yes in front of family and friends.

But who did Chiara Ferragni actually marry? We present the Milanese, who was a superstar in his home country before the relationship with Chiara, in numbers in the video above.

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