Book Review #3 Some Assembly Required by Arin Andrews

Hi guys!

I just finished reading Some Assembly Required by Arin Andrews. I did really enjoy reading about his journey and transition and without further ado here is my review!


Arin Andrews is transgender and realises this from a young age. However, he doesn’t know what transgender means until he hears about it when he is older. Arin always knew he was different and growing up within a religious family and being transgender is always hard. But thankfully, Arin’s mum came around and helped her son transition and even helped pay for top surgery.

Arin goes on a journey of self discovery as he writes about the friends he lost, relationships he was in and the dysphoria of having to go every day in a body that didn’t match his mind.


I enjoyed this book and all LGBTQ books in general but I love how Arin was so honest about his journey and what he felt as a transgender man. Arin does a lot of good for the LGBTQ community and was even awarded the Carolyn Wagner Youth Leadership Award and has spoken about himself and Katie Hill – his ex girlfriend who is a transgender women – on camera and shows such as the Trisha Goddard show.

The book really showed who Arin is as a person and the hard, painful journey he went on to self discovery. Arin is very open about talking about his transition and says people can contact him if they need help or need to chat. I think he is a very nice young man and I’m so happy his mum came around in helping him transition. His mother is very religious and at first she wasn’t happy about him being with a girl (Arin doesn’t consider himself gay or bisexual but someone who is attracted to people once getting to know their personality) as he was dating Darian who he went to dance class with.

Eventually, because of lack of connection, Arin and Darian broke up and Arin found Katie Hill who is also an activist for the LGBTQ community and has also been awarded the Carolyn Wagner Youth Leadership Award.

Arin and Katie brought out separate books after their break up and Arin was very honest in his book that Katie had cheated on him. However, whenever they were on talk shows together, he would have to pretend that they were in different places. Arin was also with Austin who was briefly mentioned at the end of the book. He is now dating a man called Kelby. He occasionally posts on YouTube and Instagram.

I found it difficult to read about how Arin didn’t want to wear “girls clothes” and wanted to wear “boys clothes” even though clothes don’t have genders and colours are also not associated with males or females. Yet Arin seems to keep going back to the subject of how he wanted to do more boyish things. I don’t think it matters whether you’re a boy and want to dance or you’re a girl and want to be a truck driver. However, Arin did make it clear that from a young age he liked Motocross and eventually joined a flying squadron.

Sourced from Simon and Schuster

One thing that is confusing is that people will say they always knew they were trans and that most people know from a young age. This is true for some trans people, but not all. Not everyone knows from such a young age. Katie Hill says in an interview with Arin that most transgender people know they are trans by the ages of 4 and 5. This is definitely not true. Everyone is different. And everyone realises at different times. Whether you are 4, 10, 15, 25, 50 or so on, you know what you feel and nothing anyone says should make you feel otherwise.

Overall, I would rate this book 4/5 ☆ because I enjoyed hearing Arin’s honesty and his journey. I think lots of transgender or gender questioning people would benefit from this read. There is even a list of resources in the book, movie and book recommendations, how to talk to your new transgender friend guide and a reading group guide.

If you want to know more about Arin and his story, visit his YouTube channel or visit his Instagram: arinandrews

Don’t forget to tell me in the comments what you thought of the book!

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