Book Review #4 Girl Hearts Girl by Lucy Sutcliffe

I read Girl Hearts Girl a while ago and posted a review on my old blog which I can’t seem to find. So I will write a new, updated one.


Lucy Sutcliffe comes from Hertfordshire, England and attended university at Plymouth and completed a degree in film arts. Lucy was in a long distance relationship with Kaelyn Petras who lived in Michigan. Lucy’s autobiography details her life as a young child through to her late teens and is about her coming to terms with who she is as a person. She talks about how she realised she was lesbian and how she came out to her family. She also talks about her and Kaelyn’s relationship which has since ended.


I really enjoyed reading Girl Hearts Girl, not only because I had been watching Kaelyn and Lucy’s relationship and LGBT+ videos for over a year, but also because Lucy was using her platform to publish a book about growing up and coming to terms with who she is.

Kaelyn and Lucy’s videos were always funny and I cried when they made a video about their break up. But since then Lucy seems to be very happy. She stills lives in the US pursuing her creative filming dreams and making YouTube videos.

Lucy seems to have known she was different from other girls but didn’t know why she didn’t like to date boys. It was a few years until Lucy found out what a lesbian was and decided to research it on the best media platform – YouTube. Lucy watched a video of country singer Chely Wright on the Ellen Show and ever since Chely has been one of the people Lucy looks up to.

Overall, this book was a heartfelt story about a young girl coming to terms with the fact she is gay. Lucy befriended Kaelyn online and they were in a long distance relationship until 2014, when Lucy moved to America with Kaelyn. Lucy spent years working on this book and when it came out I waited at Waterstones for them to unpack it!

Even though Lucy’s writing is raw and rough around the edges, this just shows how much emotion and energy went into writing it. Lucy also talks about her battle with anxiety and how she copes with it. It is a wonderful book which will and has helped thousands of teens who are affected by anxiety and need someone to relate to.

I’d have to rate it 5/5 ☆ because it is such a moving book by one of my all time favourite YouTubers.

Links: if you want to watch Lucy’s videos, click here.
If you would like to watch Kaelyn and Lucy’s advice videos, click here.

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