Advice Corner: How to deal with criticism as a writer

Hello there everyone! In this week’s blog I will be sharing with you some advice and my own experience dealing with criticism – mostly from myself!

I recently joined a creative writing course and was given some very criticizing and unhelpful advice from a fellow writer. I was having a lovely day – I was out of the house having a picnic on my own, reading a book when I got an email that someone had reviewed my story. After reading the brutal, almost hateful review,  I felt awful, sad and a failure. But it isn’t our fault. People will always criticize your work and you will criticize others – in an encouraging way hopefully! However, it is not just others who are judgmental of our work; we are our own critiques too! Sometimes the worst… But here is how I deal with it.

If I’m feeling like I will never get anywhere with my writing I often look at quotes from fellow writers to cheer me up and make me realise that 1. everyone has to start somewhere, and 2. your work is yours and because of its uniqueness, someone out there will always appreciate it – even if you don’t. Here are some quotes I find particularly comforting.

Also, when I feel negative about my writing, do you know what I do? WRITE MORE. Prove yourself wrong! You are a brilliant writer and you just have to keep writing. After all, practice makes perfect, doesn’t it?

I also try to distact myself when I get into that negative habit of criticizing my work. I listen to music or read. I draw or even go for a walk to clear my head. But sometimes, a last resort is chocolate – it always saves the day.

Also, it may not work for you, but try to look over old work you have written and see if you can improve it in some way or find pieces in it that you like and think are useful and good examples of writing.

Another good idea is to ask your friends or family if they will read your work; sometimes this can help boost your self confidence but let them know they need to be honest about your writing.

And if you get a negative comment about your work which isn’t helpful, delete it – don’t read it over 258 times because you’re afraid you’re a bad writer. You’re not, they’re just bad critiques.

Remember, you are good enough and your writing will inspire others, just like others have inspired you! You have to start somewhere and negative thoughts and saying you can’t write doesn’t help. You have to criticize work positively and see what you can improve – don’t just chuck that story in the bin that you only wrote ten pages of – see if you can continue with it, or see if you can take parts from it for another story, or just archive it for now; it might come in handy at a later date.

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