Book Review #6 The Lover’s Dictionary by David Levithan

Hey everybody! In this blog I will be reviewing David’s book The Lover’s Dictionary which I read a while ago.


The Lover’s Dictionary is about two people who are in a relationship and we see their love through dictionary entries to one another. This book is about the deeper understanding of love and how it can be both intoxicating and euphoric.

The novel was published on Valentine’s Day 2011 and as the annual deadline of his Valentine’s story neared, David used a book called ‘words you need to know’ and started off taking a word from each page to start his book.


I enjoyed The Lover’s Dictionary at the same time as finding it mildly confusing. But isn’t that what love is? Confusing? All consuming? David manages to capture the arguments, the love, the good and the bad within dictionary format and tells a story about a two year relationship from there.

David wrote the book about adults but doesn’t agree that books should be aimed at adults or young adults as both read his books.

I wanted to read it because it seemed such a unique way of writing and it proves that inspiration can come from anywhere – even just a word.

I also liked the fact that Levithan didn’t state whether the couple were straight, gay or lesbian and we don’t know what their gender is. This adds mystery to his work and proves you don’t have to write with names or genders in mind.

It was a raw book and full with what love can do to you. It can drive you mad or make you swoon. I think the lack of personalities and information about the people in the book made it more relatable to the readers; it’s easier to place yourself in a book when there is no name, gender or personality.

I’m going to rate it 4/5 ☆

Don’t forget to tell me in the comments what you thought of the it!

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