Film Review: IT


My partner and I decided to go and see IT on release day after I had told him I wanted to desperately go and see it. But when the time came I chickened out when he bought the tickets! However, he dragged me in and the cinema was obviously packed (with a whole school I may add).


If you haven’t read or watched any of the IT films, then here is a brief description of what it’s about.

George or “Georgie” is Bill’s younger brother. And one day, he decides to make a paper boat and goes to sail it down the street. However, to his dismay, his boat  drifted down the drain but is caught by Pennywise the clown. Pennywise lures Georgie to him and bites off his arm and drags him down the drain with him. The disappearance of Georgie has Bill on adventures to try to find him – and he drags his friends along too. To some of them, the adventure is scary and pointless as they all know Georgie is dead.

The group of friends set off, gaining new members by the day and venture to find Georgie. Soon, they all start to see the things they are scared of come to life. And Pennywise is among the horrors that lurk down the drain…


I knew what I was getting myself in to and was preparing myself by pushing my face in to Oliver’s armpit before every scary scene. However, there were obviously a few scenes that made me jump but surprisingly I managed not to scream.

I haven’t yet managed to get my hands on the book or watch the first movie – so there will be more reviews and comparisons to come!

I hadn’t read anything about IT before – I had only seen the trailers. So when I went into the movie I was prepared for some comedy and horror which is a weird but brilliant combination. I recognised some of the actors – in particular Finn Wolfhard who is a cast member in Stranger Things. The children all acted well and I enjoyed the funny bits, cringed at the bad and hid away at the sight of Pennywise the clown.

In the trailer I thought that they showed a lot of scary scenes and if this was only the trailer, then I couldn’t wait for the real deal…

However, when the movie finished I couldn’t help but feel that there weren’t enough scary scenes; believe me, the ones that were there were terrifying! But I hoped there would be more jumpy bits. The one scene that made me lurch out of my seat was when the clown appeared behind Beverly Marsh, the only girl within the friend group.

I liked the diversity and back stories of the children and we see what they’re scared of. Pennywise feeds on this and so the children learn that they mustn’t be afraid, otherwise they’ll “float too.”

Overall, I thought the film was executed well and the only thing I can fault is that there needed to be more horror scenes!

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Let me know in the comments what you thought of IT and if you’ve read the book!

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