Sinner by Maggie Stiefvater

Hello Bibliophiles! I hope you are all having a great week!

I recently finished Sinner by Maggie Stiefvater, the spin off from the Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy.


In Sinner, Cole St Clair and Isabel Culpepper embark on their own journeys of self discovery. (Sam and Grace pop in to the book via telephone which is a nice touch, but it is very brief!) They are both selfish, heartless at times and totally in love with each other.

In the Mercy Falls trilogy, by the end we see them admit that they want each other after struggling to come to terms with their feelings throughout the series.


Isabel wants to train to become a doctor while Cole came to Los Angeles to win her back and produce a new album. Throughout the book Cole struggles with his addictions to drugs and becoming the wolf.

On the other hand, Isabel struggles to be human as well, to feel emotion, to be kind. She is aware she’s mean which lets the reader know she does genuinely have a heart under the icy exterior.

I personally adore Maggie’s writing and the way she merges fantasy with reality. She has a way of making words flow easily and gripping the reader on; even though Cole and Isabel are very, very different from Sam and Grace, Maggie still has a way of making us care about such strange characters.

This book was more about the character’s coming to terms with who they are instead of the wolf parts that were previously in the books. It’s more about how Cole overcomes his urges; we all have a wild animal inside us but it’s up to you if you let it take control.

I’m gong to rate this 4/5 ☆ because I adored it, but I was a little concerned with how quickly the ending was wrapped up and the fact I felt Baby, Cole’s manager, was a little irrelevant at times.

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