What Draws You To A Book?

h1 {font-family: times new roman; font-size: 20pt;} h2 {font-family: times new roman; font-size: 18pt;} body {font-family: times new roman; font-size: 15pt;} Hey guys, it’s Vee here. I hope you are all having a relaxing weekend. In this week’s blog I’m going to discuss what draws me to a book and I will be asking you the same question!


When choosing a book or just randomly scrolling through Instagram, the cover immediately draws me in – is it bright, or dark? Does it have photographs on or artwork? Is the title clear and readable? The saying goes “Don’t judge a book by its cover” but I think that’s exactly what we should do! 

The cover is important to draw the reader in – it isn’t as important as the writing itself but it’s a step to get me to read the book. If a cover is too plain or too heavy, too dark or too bright, the chances are I won’t buy it unless I know who the author is or the synopsis intrigues me. I will often go around Waterstones and look at all the wonderful covers, read the synopsis and then read the reviews online.


Now, this is also an important one as the blurb has to engage the reader. If the blurb is a conversation or an extract from the book, I won’t want to buy or read it as I like to know the plot.


Genre is also a big factor with me buying a book; I’m a big YA contemporary and LGBT reader. I sometimes read fantasy but it has to be a book I’ve been eyeing up for ages. I don’t enjoy mysteries, horror or adult fiction.

Series/stand alone 

I don’t tend to read as many series now as I used to as a child; I enjoy trilogies the most as these aren’t too long or too short. Stand alones are best as I sometimes pick up a book and it’s the second one in the series and I can’t be bothered to read all ten thousand books following it. I also don’t want to be spending lots of money on a series I may not enjoy when I really could be buying books from authors I love.


I like to try new authors’ work but most of the time I will buy from the writers I know I like such as John Green, David Levithan or Rainbow Rowell.

What are some factors you consider before buying books? Let me know in the comments!
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2 thoughts on “What Draws You To A Book?

  1. I usually read the synopsis and if it sounds interesting, I get it. The cover is also important but it's in the last place for me. If the book I'm eyeing is a very hyped new release I tend to read or just scroll through some reviews of people whom I trust due to common interests and opinions. – Yuli Atta @ Damaged Pages


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