Film Review: Every Day

h1 {font-family: times new roman; font-size: 20pt;} h2 {font-family: times new roman; font-size: 18pt;} body {font-family: times new roman; font-size: 15pt;} Hey guys! So in this week’s blog I’m going to be reviewing the film Every Day. The book was written by David Levithan and is one of my favourites.

However, the book is always better and in this case it certainly is. The book made sense and was reality mixed with the impossible. The ending is different from different perspectives – like in Another Day we see Rhiannon’s point of view and in Every Day we see A’s.

The film could have been better executed in so many ways; for instance, they could have had A and Rhiannon narrate the story so we could actually understand what was happening – unless you read the book first this would be a very disappointing film. The ending is different to the book and the overall acting was dramatized and cringy. The way they run off and have adventures is completely different from the book and the French restaurant they meet at was hardly mentioned.

For anyone thinking teen romance films are already too cringy, their opinion would be valid if they saw this movie.

The speed of which they got through the scenes made little to no sense and there was hardly any comedy or train of thought. It was as if the film was making tons of scenes and lobbing them together, regardless of whether or not they made any sense. There was no transition is what I’m trying to say.

The film had the potential to be really well done, and even though some of the scenes reminded me of the book, the ending is disheartening for anyone who hasn’t read it first. I was really looking forward to seeing how they pulled this film off but the time and effort wasn’t there and it certainly didn’t show.

I hope Levithan will stick to the books because they are so much better than any movie could be. I hate to give a bad review but I have to be honest, even if it’s a product from my favourite author.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments and let me know if you read the book first or after! Until next time, love Vee x

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