The Effect Idols Have On Mental Health

h1 {font-family: times new roman; font-size: 20pt;} h2 {font-family: times new roman; font-size: 18pt;} body {font-family: times new roman; font-size: 15pt;} Hey guys. In this week’s blog I’m going to be talking about the effect idols have on mental health, both in negative and positive ways. I’ll be discussing my idol and how she helped me get through tough times but I will also be talking about the negative effect idols can have on fans.

Mental Health and Magazines

As a lot of campaigns and people have brought up the issue of models in magazines and unhealthy expectations due to airbrushing, I thought I would talk about this as well. I don’t read magazines – mainly because I can’t stand the amount of ads but also because of the unhealthy diets and “summer body goals” you read in them.

These set negative expectations for young girls and boys and even I have been affected by the airbrushing in magazines – they make you feel like you aren’t good enough. These are clever marketing ploys to try to get you to buy a certain product or motivate you to become an unhealthy weight so you can buy that great dress you’ve been eyeing up in Vogue for months.

These models and magazine editors can cause – if not intentional – teens to feel inadequate and can contribute to mental health issues such as eating disorders, depression or even anxiety. It may be easy to say to someone “Oh, well don’t look if it upsets you” but in this world these airbrushed  models and unhealthy diets are everywhere you turn – bus stop ads, online ads, shopping sites, magazines or even posters. These things are everywhere and although some fashion sites show the true bodies of women and men (like Missguided), there are still loads out there airbrushing and making teens and even adults feel guilty about their bodies.

I doubt there will be a time when these ads and body goals disappear, but I hope that you can be strong enough to realize that your body is unique to you and it’s capable of amazing things; you don’t have to be a size 8 to be “accepted” in society’s eyes and you certainly don’t need to prove anything to anyone. Be the amazing you you are!

My Role Model

Since I was around 7/8 years old I’ve been a fan (die hard fan) of Taylor Swift for a number of reasons. I first heard her song “Love Story” in the car park of a local Sainsbury’s and when I came home I googled the lyrics to try to find it. Ever since, I’ve bought all of her albums, had merch bought for me at Christmas and even made my own Instagram fan page (pastel.swift if anyone is interested…).

It wasn’t just her lyrics that reeled me in (although they are amazing. Seriously, go listen to All Too Well right now) but her story; she had grown up on a Christmas tree farm and had been bullied at school. She was different from the other kids and came to realize with age that this was a good thing that made her who she is today.

Through the years I’ve endured depression and severe anxiety where I couldn’t even leave the house at one point. If someone had hurt me or I was upset or severely depressed, I’d listen to her music, sing along, let my anger out at the high pitched notes and cried along with the sad love songs. I knew she was always there for me even if she couldn’t physically be. Her words stopped me from harming myself and when I wasn’t strong enough she would pull me back to reality or sometimes let me live in her fantasies.

There are good role models out there, whether it’s your parents, a celebrity or a public figure. I know I will always look up to Taylor because of her words, the way she acts with fans and the way she owns who she is and doesn’t care what others think.

After years of crying over missed concert, I’ve finally bought myself tickets and by the time this is published I will be getting ready for the tour I’ve always wanted to go on. I can’t wait to see my idol live and I hope one day I can thank her for everything she has done for me.

Until next time, love Vee x

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