10 Ways to Save Money on Your Holiday

h1 {font-family: times new roman; font-size: 20pt;} h2 {font-family: times new roman; font-size: 18pt;} body {font-family: times new roman; font-size: 15pt;} Hey guys! So this week’s post is a guest post from my wonderful partner, Oliver. He’s been on many holidays with his parents and plans all of our holidays together, including our two trips to New York. Here are his top 10 Ways to Save Money on Your Holiday.

1. Be Realistic

The first thing to do before booking any trip is to be realistic about the amount of money you can afford to spend and your preferred destination. While you cannot afford to go from Europe to America for a holiday from under £300 that could be more than enough to go somewhere remotely closer.

2. Package vs DIY Holidays

Package holidays are where you go to a company or a comparison site and you pick the flights and the hotel through them. Whereas DIY holidays are where you book everything yourself such as the flights, holidays and transfers.

Depending on where you are going either of them could be the best choice. If you are going to a holiday destination such as the Caribbean. Whereas a package holiday could end up costing you a lot more when it comes to visiting a major city such as NY, London or Paris so in that case the DIY option is better.

3. Price Comparison sites

Price comparison sites are a great way to save money as long as you set the right filters. All of the sites can offer better deals depending on where/when and your choice of holiday. My favorite is JetCost which most of the time comes up with the best deals for flights and Hotels.com for the hotel. However, different people have different preferences; my tip is to check out several different ones as well as going straight to the airline/hotel and seeing whether you are getting the best price.

4. Money vs Time

This one is quite important if you are travelling longer distances. If you are travelling ultra long such as London to Sydney then you are going to have no choice but to get connecting flights. However, if you are flying from London to New York there are several ways to go that can be varying prices as well as times. It might cost a lot more to go direct than it will be to stop. You have to weigh up whether it is better to go cheaper and spend less time in your destination or spend a little more and spend more time.

5. The Tuesday Rule

A known fact in the airline industry is that it is always cheaper to book holidays on a Tuesday than on any other day of the week. This is because the weekends are when everyone is able to sit round and talk about it with their families so the price is always the most expensive as well as a Monday because everyone has the weekend hangover and a case of the Monday blues. Therefore, if you do go to book a holiday the best time to do it is on a Tuesday as the airlines start their deals on Tuesdays.

6. Convenience vs Price

When booking a hotel how close it is to the tourist attraction or city it is the more expensive it is going to be. You are paying for the convenience of not having to travel to it. Sometimes it can be more expensive to travel into the city so make sure to do your research. If the hotel offers a free shuttle bus or there is public transportation then you may be better to stay slightly further out and then travel in.

7. Attractions

When you go on holiday everyone wants to see attractions, whether it be museums, art galleries or a theme park. The best thing to do is to do some research to see whether there might be a city pass or if you pay for them in advance or paying for two at the same time can sometimes save you some money.

8. Free Attractions

Before you go make sure you check out some blogs from people who have gone as well as looking at places such as TripAdvisor to check out whether there are any attractions that are completely free. These could be filming locations from one of your favorite TV shows to places that appeared in adverts or just a local park. My favorite free attractions are the owl cafe (Friends building) and the High Line which is an old train line in NYC.

9. Dining

One of my top tips is to check out the local supermarkets and shopping malls that are just outside of the city because you will pay an awful lot less for a fizzy drink than you would if you bought it in the city. You can also pick up some cheap souvenirs for your family and chocolate for yourself in the room.

10. Research

My top tip is do some research months before you want to book a holiday. I have a spreadsheet which has the places I want to go to and then check the prices month from month to see when the cheapest time to book is as well as the cheapest time to go. Then when you have the money to go on a trip you can look at your work and see what you can afford and the best time to go.

Before you set off make sure you have planned and know where everything is so that when you arrive at your destination you aren’t blind struck by the location and don’t go spending money on taxis you can’t afford. This will save you time, money and you will be able to get more out of the location and actually enjoy your holiday and relax.

I hope these tips are helpful to you! Let us know some of your money saving tips. Until next time, love Vee x

11 thoughts on “10 Ways to Save Money on Your Holiday

  1. OMG I always get so anxious about money when going to book a trip, so much so that I get stressed and never book it!! I am going to keep these tips in mind when I book my trip to Dublin! You are a star!!


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