Poetry Review: Cavity

Hey guys! A while ago I interviewed Caitlin Conlon, a poet, who kindly sent me her chapbook of Cavity. Today, I’ll be talking to you about it and why I enjoyed reading it.



Cavity is about heartbreak and the heart wrenching hurt that comes with it. Conlon describes lost love in the most sad yet beautiful way and her choice of words had me rooting for her to get through this break up. Some poems are about how she misses him, others about how much hurt he caused her.

The poems aren’t necessarily about how to get over a break up, but more about the fact that you aren’t the only one feeling these feelings. Everyone goes through different emotions and stages in a break up but Conlon describes her emotions in such vivid detail that we feel like we are going through the break up with her. Conlon is truly a fantastic poet and I can’t wait to read more of her work. Her use of metaphors was also exceptional and I can’t recommend her collection enough. If you’re a fan of Amanda Lovelace, you need to read Cavity.

I really enjoyed reading this collection and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. If you are going through a break up and need words of wisdom, or a shoulder to cry on, then this chapbook will be your saviour.

You can buy Cavity here: www.cgcpoems.shop

Until next time, love Vee x

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