In this week’s post I’ll be interviewing Freida Kilmari, the author of Man VS Happiness.

Man VS Happiness

The Mental Health Disaster has destroyed half the population of Earth.

Humanity is at crisis point.

It’s the chosen Legacy Scholar’s job to document the journey, but when his only window into the outside world breaks, he’s in a race against time to fix it before the Library of Time is lost forever.

Take a read through his adventure, and through humanity’s journey, in a beautiful collection of short stories, poetry, and essays.

Man VS Happiness will be available on 14th February.

Interview With Freida Kilmari

1. What made you come up with the idea of Man VS Happiness?

Man VS Happiness came from frustration actually. When you go searching for information about mental illness, you’re bombarded with statistical reports, news articles, and science papers. It seems as though the only people allowed a voice about mental illness is everyone other than those suffering. And isn’t the point of awareness to encourage people to open up more, to talk to those around them? How are we supposed to do that when the only news stories we see are negative? Where’s the hope? Where’s the story about someone who nearly died and then recovered miraculously afterwards? I want to help make the world a brighter place, especially for those suffering from mental illness.

2. What is the most challenging aspect of being a writer? And the most rewarding aspect?!

The most challenging aspect is probably time. Most writers earn under $10k a year, which means we have to hold down full time jobs. But if we’re doing that, where the time to write? It’s an endless cycle. You know that if you had more time you could produce more content, but if you have more time to write you might be taking a pay cut. It’s challenging. I’m lucky that I’m a freelance fiction editor, because it means I can flex my job around my writing schedule; plus, I love what I do.

The best part is seeing people enjoy your work. I love it when someone sends me a message with something like, “Hey, just started the book and am loving it.” It’s those simple messages/emails that make all the hard work pay off.

3. How do you cope with writer’s block?

I’m not someone who suffers from writer’s block. I’ve been writing almost every day since I was 12, and I’m now nearly 24, and I can honestly say that I have never suffered from writer’s block. There have been times when I’ve needed a break or needed to rest and think about a part of a book I’m stuck on, but I’ve never not been able to write. I think it’s partly because I write more than one project at a time, so if I get stuck with one I can just work on the other for a bit. And then I usually unstick myself after taking a break from that difficult project.

4. Have you got any other books planned for the future?

Yes. Man VS Happiness is part one of a collection that will be slowly released over the next decade, but I’m also working on a multi-series fantasy universe, called the Ennéa Vasileía Universe. It’s a fantasy universe based on my own unique take on Greek mythology. The first book for it comes out in spring, The Keepers’ Origin—the first book in the Erimish Saga. It’s a Young Adult Epic Fantasy about an ancient war that’s about to come back into the fold. Four sixteen-year-old girls suddenly possess elemental powers in a world that hasn’t seen the likes of magic in over a thousand years. It’s full of friendship, magic, action, romance, and LoTR-style word building.

5. What was the best part about writing Man VS Happiness?

The best part was being able to put a voice to some of those indescribable feelings. What does it feel like having a panic attack? What does it feel like to be so depressed you can’t even lift your pinkie finger? These are things that are hard to describe, but by writing fantasy-related stories and poetry, I’ve managed to find my voice.

6. If you were stranded on an island and had to pick 3 items and 3 people to accompany you, what and who would you take?

I’d take His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman, because I can’t live without those books. I’d also be practical and take some kind of weapon and maybe a map of the island? I’d bring along my fiancé (obviously), but also maybe a wildlife expert who knows about plants and animals so we could know what to eat and what not to eat. Perhaps then a survival specialist so we could know how to build shelter, start a fire, etc.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Freida’s writing and I do hope you read her book, Man VS Happiness. Until next time, love, Vee x

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