Oliver and I finished watching After Life the day it came out because we wanted a good laugh and I’d been looking forward to watching it ever since Netflix started promoting the series.



At first I thought it was going to be another one of his goofy films like The Invention of Lying. I had no idea this wonderful series was going to put a humorous spin on an otherwise dark topic.

From the very beginning to the very end, I loved every second of the series. It was quite clear from the start that Tony (Ricky) needed to get on with his life. I’ve seen a few people criticize the series saying that they didn’t like the way Tony’s grief disappeared. But it didn’t disappear, he just learnt that he needs to enjoy the time he has on this planet. We’re all going to die. Should we waste our time wallowing in self pity and misery when there’s a whole world to explore? A world that your loved one didn’t see but you know they’d want you to explore?

This series sheds a light on what grief really is but Ricky always manages to make us laugh in the darkest of times. I think my favourite parts were when he called the school boy a “tubby little ginger cunt” and when he’s laughing at the women’s tit puddings. If you have no idea what I’m on about then I suggest you go and watch it so you can have a right laugh.

The series is so witty that I found myself laughing about some of the scenes long after they had passed. I really enjoyed he fact that I knew all of the actors from Ricky’s other TV series and movies such as Kerry Godliman. They all had the right parts and didn’t overshadow Ricky’s character.

ricky gervais.png

Over all the episodes we can see Ricky soften up and we see what he truly cares about. We see him care about his nephew George – maybe not in the right way! – and his dad, his colleagues and dog. After all, the dog did save his life. He brings up some serious issues such as self harm and suicide which need to be talked about openly. Not only has Ricky blessed us with yet another hilarious series but he’s also brought a more serious side of mental health to our attention. Did you know that in the UK men remain three times as likely to take their own lives than women, and in the Republic of Ireland four times more likely? This is a shocking statistic that needs to be changed. We all know that men receive a lot of stick about talking about their feelings. This needs to change and the fact Ricky has brought this to our attention means we need to fight the stigma related to men talking about their feelings.

I also liked the fact that it wasn’t about Tony just moving on with his life and forgetting his late wife; it was about learning to live with the loss and grieving in the right, healthy way. I loved the series; it may not be for everyone but I enjoy dark humor and offensive swear words!


6 thoughts on “Review: After Life

  1. Oh wow I haven’t even heard of this, I’m always looking for something that will make me laugh & this definitely seemed up my alley! Thank you

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  2. Increasing suicide rates among men is a global trend! You taught me something new about the difference in suicide rates between Ireland & England. I hadn’t heard of this show but I might try to at least watch the pilot. Greatpost. Keep writing neurotically? Lol. 🖤

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  3. I’m not gonna lie I didn’t read this post BUT I’ve got a good excuse haha. I really want to watch that show and I’m so scared to read any spoiler or something so I’ll watch it and then I promise, I’ll read that post hahah

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  4. I can finally read this now that I’ve watched it!

    I watched afterlife in one day too and it just made me laugh and cry and snort and I just laughed so hard at the guy with the recorders.

    Love it! Great review.

    Jess xx

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