This week’s post is slightly different. I’m going to talk about the reason I didn’t go to university, or college for that matter!

I was homeschooled up until the age of thirteen, when I decided to go into high school (I know, biggest mistake of my life). I went in and felt like I was in some sort of chick flick. It was full of bitchy girls, some of whom were supposed to be my “friends” who insisted on being nasty pieces of work.

2017-03-06 11.23.29 1.jpg

I had anxiety before going into school but it was nothing major. Then the panic attacks started in class. I needed to get out. I raised my hand in class and asked to leave the room, however, I couldn’t get up from my seat, I was too petrified with everyone looking at me.

This awful ginger headed girl who’s name escapes me (school bully) put her hand up and offered to take me to the nurse (so she could get out of class). So I was taken to the nurse who passed my anxiety attack off as needing something to eat so she basically watched me force feed myself. My mum was called and I was taken home. I never went back.

That’s when it all started. The panic attacks eventually led to me not being able to go out by myself. I was at college one day a week at the time studying a BTEC in animal care for teens aged 14-16. Something that I found exciting turned into a dreaded nightmare. I hated it. I couldn’t go anymore. I couldn’t see my friends or the animals I cared for. I was a shell of the person I used to be. I never really got back to who I was. I just reinvented myself.

I managed to get through my GCSEs on my own without any teachers, just myself. I had panic attacks in the exams but even with that I managed to get a B in the most important subject to me: English. I’m really proud of myself for getting through that year in my life.

I didn’t go to university partly because I didn’t have the qualifications, but I also wanted to just work. I wanted to start off a career straight away because I knew I wanted to save for a future with my partner.


I managed to get a traineeship with a digital media agency and after three horrendous years in so many different jobs, I’m now a freelance social media manager. I’m living with my partner and we’re saving for our very own place. I’m excited about the future. I didn’t think I’d get this far.

I just want to say, if you’re struggling, let this be your sign to keep going. I did. Vee x

21 thoughts on “Why I Didn’t Go To University

  1. It was incredibly brave if you to give high school a shot – I remember how awful my high school was, I can’t even begin to imagine the transition from homeschooling into that sort of environment.

    It’s also so refreshing to see someone else who didn’t do the ‘expected’ university route. So much pressure gets put on us to go and do university, get qualifications and dig ourselves into a hole of debt. I’m so much happier having left high school and gone straight into work. I may not have my Dream Job right now, but I’m earning money and working my way to the life I want in my own time!

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  2. I’m sorry to hear about the experience you had with trying high school, but I’m glad that you are happy with where you are right now! I chose to not go to university either and have taken into an apprenticeship. This is a great post 🙂

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  3. Well done you ! Good luck for the future. I didn’t go to university either, but I’m happy with how it’s turned out. Nice photos as well.

    Sometimes unexpected opportunities present themselves….you never know what the future holds….

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  4. This is so great of you to share your story… I think and hope it will impact others who are going through something similar to see that IT GETS BETTER! Congrats on everything you’ve overcome and where you’re at now!

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  5. Going to high-school when you’ve only ever been home schooled must have been pretty scary for you!

    I think university is a con for some of us anyway. Okay… To be a doctor you probably need to go but I don’t think it’s worth it academically.

    I loved the student life but I wasn’t as bothered about my course. It’s not a necessity to do well in life!

    Great post as always 😊

    Jess xx

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  6. Sorry to hear about your school experience! Girls can be really horrible at school. But well done on how far you have come now, and goes to show that you don’t need to go to uni to do incredibly well 💖😊

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  7. I hope you know that you’re such a brave person and you should be proud of everything you’ve accomplished so far. At least I am!! Well done you for being where you are now and living with your partner in your own place soon xx

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  8. Your story sounds extremely similar to mine, except I went from being in mainstream education to being homeschooled and then back into a specialist school. It just shows that one experience doesn’t work for everyone, but that doesn’t necessarily make you destined for failure, as some would see it when you don’t go to university. My mental health has prohibited me from attending university, too, and funnily enough, I also work in the freelance field! It sounds like you have a bright future ahead of you; best of luck with saving for a new home!

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  9. Hey Hi! What a story! I was home schooled too, it is so rare to find such people this days. I didn’t go to college either, because I was (and still am) a nomad traveller. Never had the chance to go to a proper school and by what you describe, I’m grateful that I didn’t.
    Recently I became a social media manager too! What a coincidence (even though i don’t believe in coincidences)
    Happy to have met you


  10. Hey 🙂 How brave! Thank you for sharing your story. It’s so horrendous that the people at high school were like that to you, it’s so horrible. I’m so glad that you ended up finding your own path and following your dreams 🙂 You’re so brave! xx

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