Did I get you with the clickbaity headline? Good, now I have your attention, let’s dive in.

Now, I’m not saying you’ll never be happy with the career you’ve chosen, the people you work with or some of the tasks you do. But, in my experience, no matter what job you’re in, there’s always bad parts that come with it.

I have waitressed, worked in retail, in marketing, admin, social media and volunteered. When I was in retail, I hated it, I wanted to move and become a waitress. But then the hours were shit so I moved back home and became an apprentice on little to no money. Again, I moved, worked in marketing and had to work with women who didn’t like me. While I was working this marketing job I was looking into becoming self employed because I had wanted to make the leap and become my own boss for a while.

I knew that because of my mental illness and the negative experiences I’ve encountered over the years, that I didn’t want to ever experience it again. So I delved into freelance work and left my job.

Now, freelance is great. You get to work from home, choose your own hours, answer phone calls in your PJs. But the harsh reality is that you may still have to work with people you don’t like. Or you’ll have to attend meetings with pretentious people or work on weekends. Unfortunately, no matter whether you’re self employed or work full time in an office, as a waitress, in retail ect, you’re always going to encounter issues.

I was naive when it came to becoming freelance. I didn’t realise how lonely it would be, the amount of motivation you have to have and the amount I’d have to deal with.

I just want to tell you not to have high expectations for every job because there will always be something to make you upset. It’s unfair, but I’m learning that that’s the way life is. There are hard parts, but the hard parts are outweighed by the good.

The advantages for me are that I get to spend time in the place I feel most comfortable in; I don’t have to ask if I can eat or use the bathroom and I don’t feel like I’m doing something wrong if I finish work early. I get to spend more time with my partner, have more holiday and control my future. And that makes me happy. What makes you happy in your job?

6 thoughts on “Why Your Job Will Never Make You Happy

  1. This is definitely an interesting read! I love my job most of the time but little thing’s like late finishes waiting all day to start can be irritating. However every day is different and despite the fact I’d love to be tucked up in bed by 10 most nights, there can be some really entertaining evenings that I’m glad I didn’t miss! Work is swings and round abouts but so is life in general and feeling fed up from time to time is completely normal. It’s when every day feels like a complete and utter chore that we know we are in the wrong place!

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  2. I feel like people (or at least I can) resonate with this title. I feel like as soon as something becomes something you HAVE to do then it loses some of that enjoyment. It was the same with exams at school. I love learning but as soon as I HAD to revise it became less enjoyable.

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  3. You’re right! I rarely spend longer than a few years in a job because I get so easily bored (or get made redundant. For me, I love helping people, but I can’t stand the rigid 9 to 5 structure, even though my job is more flexible than any other that I’ve done. Goal is to be self-employed as well but I bet I’ll still change what I do a few times!

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