In this week’s post I’m doing something completely different and doing a fashion post. I know, it’s not something I would usually ever do, but I love this trend so much, that I just want to share my love for it.

Why I’m Obsessed With Embroidery

I love the embroidery trend that has taken place in the past few years and I just can’t shake it off. I think everyone’s probably sick of me wearing it, because it’s ALL I OWN. I wear embroidered jumpers, dresses, tops and more. I fell so in love with the trend because it allows my personality to come out and gives me a sense of self. I know what I love and it makes me feel fierce. Isn’t that what every girl wants?

I have this cute little jacket which is ideal to put with any outfit and is especially lovely in the Summer months

Not only am I obsessed with embroidery because it’s gorgeous, but it also styles your outfit really well. I can just put my embroidered Topshop Moto jacket on over a simple black dress and it looks amazing. I can just wear some old jeans but my embroidered jumpers make the outfit pop. There are so many ways of wearing embroidery, whether it be with boots, bags or just a simple top. The trick is not to overdo it and make your whole outfit a floral fest.

I love these cute embroidered items! (I now own two embroidered jackets…)

I mainly find my outfits on eBay and have bought tons of jumpers and jackets on there, especially embroidered ones because they’re so cheap.

The jacket above is from Boohoo and was only £20! I still love to wear it and I can just pop it over a checked top and jeans! I also loved this New Look backpack so much until the zip broke! But the point is, I’m obsessed with embroidery because it’s so elegant but can be super sexy (especially embroidered lingerie).

What’s a trend you’re obsessed with? Let me know in the comments. Until next time, love, Vee x

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