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Instagram videos: 4 tips for more reach

Instagram is one of the most important channels for corporate social media marketing, and for many it is even the most important platform of all. However, building followers can quickly lead to frustration on Instagram. Maybe you know that: You deliver good content, you post regularly and yet your channel is not gaining reach. You are sure to ask yourself the question: "Building organic reach on Instagram - is that still possible?" The short answer: yes, it works!

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With videos for more reach on Instagram

The bad news first: It's not as easy to build reach on Instagram as it was a few years ago when the platform was relaunched. In Germany alone, Instagram has over 6 million active users - 6 million profiles that compete for user attention. So it is logical that good content alone is not enough. The way in which the content is displayed is also important in order to generate reach.

Meanwhile there is on Instagram in addition to the normal "feed post" four relevant formats to market your content on Instagram: Stories, Reels, IGTV and Livestreams. 

Now let's take a look at what differentiates the various video formats and how you can use them to generate reach.




Stories: The perfect way to interact

Since their introduction in 2016, Instagram Stories have grown in popularity. The number of users who use the app's story format every day was 500 million worldwide in 2019. These are around half of all Instagram users.

The story feature gives you the opportunity to share pictures and videos that do not appear on your profile but are archived after 24 hours. The short videos and photos therefore do not have to be perfect. It's more about spontaneously sharing impressions and moments from everyday life and presenting yourself authentically. The stories will be shown to your followers at the top of the main feed.


The story area in the Instagram feed.


This is exactly one of the great advantages of Instagram Stories: If you post stories regularly, your profile picture and thus your account will be shown to your followers on a regular basis. This way you can regularly remind them of them and thus strengthen the bond with your community.

But probably the most relevant plus point of the stories are those Stickers with which you can prepare your videos and photos and interact with your followers. The choice is huge: Would you like to ask your followers a question? Or play a quiz with them? Maybe you want to let them vote on something? All of these ways can increase engagement around your content.


There are many ways of using the story stickers

to get in touch with the followers.


The Interaction rate is still one of the most important performance metrics for successful Instagram channels. The various story stickers offer you a playful opportunity to increase the rate of interaction and to signal to the algorithm: "Something is really going on on this profile!"



Reels: Video clips with viral potential

Hardly any other new feature has been discussed as hotly and controversially as Instagram Reels. After the advance of the short video app TikTok, Instagram followed suit in summer 2020 and presented the in-house counterpart: Reels! Similar to TikToks, reels are made up of short portrait video clips that can be up to 30 seconds long. The videos can be provided with various effects or underlaid with soundtracks.

However, Instagram has not yet been able to fully match the success of TikTok with the format. Instagram boss Adam Mosseri was also self-critical about the feature: "We have to be honest, TikTok is ahead of us."

Despite the need to catch up compared to the competition: It's worth using the feature! Reels are currently preferred by the Instagram algorithm. This means that your reels are also potentially more likely to be displayed to users who do not yet follow your profile. Your organic reach increases enormously

In addition, Reels have their own section in the home screen, which is placed extremely prominently in the app.


The reels can be found here in the app.


Since December 2020 it has also been possible to integrate Instagram shopping into reels. A feature that is also becoming increasingly interesting for the e-commerce sector.


IGTV: YouTube in portrait format?

Another format for sharing video clips is Instagram TV (IGTV for short). The difference to Reels and Stories is that you are here Upload longer videos (at least 60 seconds).

IGTV, which was initially traded as “YouTube in portrait format”, was introduced by Instagram in 2018. At the beginning, however, the feature was hardly used by users, as the videos were only displayed “hidden” in their own profile. Since 2019, IGTV videos can also be posted in the profile and feed. You can now also upload the videos directly to the Instagram app and no longer have to post them via the IGTV app as before.

Do you have something to say to your followers, but need more "airtime" than in the stories or reels? Then IGTV is the perfect format! However, it is still difficult to effectively generate reach using the content uploaded there, as the videos are not pushed enough by the algorithm.


Instagram Live: More important than ever!

In contrast to the moderately successful IGTV, there is an Instagram format that has experienced a real boom, especially due to the Corona crisis: Instagram Live. Artists, celebrities and actors in particular use the function to stay in touch with their fans even during lockdown times.

The Instagram livestream format is closely linked to the stories. The live streams are not played in the feed, but are displayed in the first positions in the stories area. Sometimes Instagram also sends push notifications when an account goes live. In addition, the Instagram operator Facebook is currently pushing live streams on all platforms, so that the live format is perfect for increasing the organic reach.

A good way to generate coverage is to stream together with another account. If you go live with another account, the stream will not only be shown to you but also to the other user's followers. In this way you can generate additional reach via the format.


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One thing is certain: With the steadily growing number of Instagram users, it is becoming increasingly difficult to generate organic reach on the platform. Still, it's not impossible. Instagram is always introducing new formats like reels that you can use to go viral. Or existing formats such as live streams are pushed more strongly by the algorithm.

Since the way the algorithm works is constantly changing, it only helps to keep your eyes and ears open, to build a sustainable social media strategy and to adapt and optimize it again and again.


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