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preferred option
Monetary policy idleness seems like that preferred option many in Germany.
The split-up scenario set out in paragraph v in recital 39 has been accepted by the Irish authorities as theirs preferred option set out.
The split scenario, referred to in (v) of recital 39, was presented as the preferred option of the Irish authorities.
The government should therefore be theirs preferred option do.
In response to these challenges, the parishes of Latin America must use the preferred option resolutely implement for the poor and marginalized groups.
In response to these challenges, the ecclesial communities of Latin America must decisively pursue the preferential option for the poor and the marginalized.
It is a drastic step towards its complete elimination from your diet so that is likely to be limited preferred option to search.
This is a decisive step to look at the complete elimination of them from your diet, such restrictions probably the favorite option.
this is the preferred option in the sentence, which is more closely related to the base template than the secondary options.
The favorite option in the set and has a closer relationship to the main model than secondary options.
This is our first and preferred option.
The preferred option but the PCF are immediate parliamentary elections.
However, the holding of immediate parliamentary elections is the preferred option of the PCF.
The preferred option are always VoIP connections, unless you have any existing connections.
There are many situations in which the Network Edition could use the preferred option represents.
There are many situations in which the Network Edition may be the preferred option.
Even if the deep emplacement in stable geological formations is today the preferred option the situation could change.
Although storage in deep geological repositories in stable strata is currently the preferred option, the situation could change.
It should therefore, whenever possible, be compared to the ED-23B specification as preferred option be considered.
It should therefore be considered as the preferred option to ED-23B whenever possible.
The preferred option may already have been selected as the default, depending on the type selected in the previous step.
The preferred option could already be selected for you by default, depending on the selected type in the previous step.
Choose the preferred option under "Website restrictions".
You need to install this certificate on the AD FS server and the web application proxy server in order for the preferred option is.
You must install this certificate on both the ADFS and Web Application Proxy servers, so the PFX file is the preferred option.
Each preferred option will brighten up your leisure time at home, on the road, turn and work.
Any preferred option will brighten up your leisure time at home, on the road, turn and work.
Go to the sidebar. Under Sidebar Settings, choose yours preferred option out.
The industrial site "la Glèbe", only 15 minutes drive from Maleville, was the preferred option.
The industrial area "la Glèbe", only a 15 minutes drive from Maleville, was the preferred option.
The recording remains on the hard drive until the space is required for new recordings, unless you have one in the recorder settings preferred option chosen to keep.
The recording stays on the hard disk until space is needed for new recordings unless you adjust the recorder settings to yours preferred option.
Choose the preferred option enter the details, and then click Save.
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