Is the logo design business profitable

Flat design logos are not only trendy, they also make sense

Transforming your own company logo into a flat design logo is very popular with companies. Anyone who has kept their eyes open in recent years has seen the transformation of well-known company logos such as Google, Microsoft, Instagram, Pepsi or MasterCard. Your new logos are simple, use comparatively few colors and use clear lines - we're talking about so-called flat design.

Examples of flat design logos from well-known brands

The reasons for a flat logo

Flat design, translated as flat design, describes a graphically minimalist design style. The reason for the less elaborate company logos is the diverse uses and the different possible uses of the logos. By redesigning a company logo into a flat design logo, the logo can be better adapted to the requirements of different platforms and create a unique recognition value for the brand. Reason enough for many companies to have their traditional logo converted into a more flexible flat design through a logo redesign.

More options and flexibility

The requirements for a corporate design and thus also for a logo have changed significantly with digitization. Nowadays a logo adorns more than just an information flyer or the company sign above the entrance door. It is now in all sizes and on a wide variety of materials used. The possible uses range from the small e-mail signature to the print version on the side door of the company car.

A logo is a must these days flexible be. Compliance with the corporate design can only be guaranteed in all areas of application if it is clearly recognizable in all formats and looks the same on different materials. That has a big impact on that Recognition value of the company. Let's just think of the little favicon in the browser: Complexity is completely counterproductive here!

Webcellent's flat design logo is still clearly recognizable as a small favicon.

Convey clear and understandable statements

Even if logos in flat design often look very simple, there is a complex development process behind this that should not be underestimated. Large companies usually spare hardly any money and resources in order to achieve the perfect result. Because with a flat design, not only the corporate vision, corporate values, the offer and the target group can be reflected: A logo conveys the brand essence.

In order to present the personality of your brand unmistakably, in addition to the development of a harmonious corporate design, you also need an optimally implemented flat design logo. With this, clear statements can be conveyed and the target group can be appropriately addressed across all devices. What improves the recognition value of the company and its brand strengthens customer loyalty.

Impress with design and functionality in equal measure

At first glance, there are hardly any logos that are not visually beautifully prepared and attractively designed. The problems of the unique logos only emerge in the later transfer of the logos to different areas of application. For example, it can happen that the logo can still be properly presented on a business card, but is hardly recognizable in smaller formats. Such a logo leads to problems at the latest in social media marketing and display on mobile devices. A flat design logo, on the other hand, can be used and is compatible with both the real and the digital world.

Examples of flat design logos from the social media sector

Flat design logos for start-ups

These various reasons are tempting more and more large companies, associations and parties to redesign their logos. But what about the little entrepreneur?

Startups tend to outfinancial reasons often to save especially on the logo and the corporate design. Understandably, they don't want to do without it completely. The result is then poorly thought-out concepts with sometimes very unprofessional results.

Our recommendation for start-ups

However, personal success can be significantly influenced by the external appearance. Whether in web design, email marketing or even print: The professional use of an individual corporate design and a flat logo in all marketing channels means you clear competitive advantage and greater growth potential.

Our recommendation is therefore very clear: do it on this point no half things and do without a "half-finished" corporate design, because sometimes none is better than a bad one. Especially at the beginning, the level of awareness of a company is not decisive and the company profile can still be honed. Once the company has grown and you then want to modernize the appearance, it becomes expensive. From business cards and other promotional items to advertising banners to the website, everything then has to be laboriously revised.

New company logo in flat design

An individual corporate design and the matching logo in flat design have one great impact on yourpersonal success in customer acquisition. However, the modernization of a logo or even an entire corporate design is sometimes a complex and time-consuming process in which you can do a lot wrong.

For these reasons, we are happy to take on this task for you! As certified Full service internet agency with over 15 years of experience Webcellent GmbH has already created countless flat logos and corporate designs for various customers in different sizes. That makes us one excellent partner for all tasks in online marketing, web design and e-commerce and especially for creating your new flat design logo!