Are vehicle seat belt extenders legal?

More safety and comfort - a belt extension!

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Have you heard of seat belt extensions for the car? Would you like to know what a belt extension is all about and what variants are there? Are there any items that are intended as belt extensions for pets, children and adults? Are these belt extensions even allowed? These and other questions will be answered below.

Belt extension - what is it?

The seat belt in a car is subject to a certain minimum belt length since 2001. Although the belt length regulations exist, the seat belt may be too short. For example, when attaching the child seat or the baby seat, a belt extension may be necessary. With many child seat and baby seat models, the belt must be threaded so that the item can be attached safely and safely in the car. The belt must be long enough so that it can still be easily attached to the belt buckle. If the belt is too short, for example in a rear-facing baby seat, the belt can be lengthened. Larger people may also need a belt extension. Belt extensions are available in stores, but there are a few things to consider when buying and attaching them.

Belt extension - what are the requirements?

A belt extension may be necessary in order to be able to securely attach baby and child seats in the car. The extension is also intended for pets and bulky people. In order for a belt extension to be used, you have to pay attention to a few things when buying and attaching it. An ABE is a prerequisite for using a belt extension. ABE means "General operating permit". Such an ABE must be available for the purchased product. You should make sure that there is no certification that is only valid abroad. Specialist and tuning workshops can help you choose the right and right belt extension.

Some car manufacturers also offer the retrofitting of belt extensions. It is important that the belt extension does not impair safety or driving ability. The belt extension must also be approved and checked by a test center approved by the Federal Motor Transport Authority. Without an ABE, the test center will not accept the extension. Test centers approved by the Federal Motor Transport Authority are, for example, DEKRA and TÜV. The belt extension must also be entered in the vehicle registration document. In general, it is advisable to contact a specialist workshop to buy and install a belt extension.

What happens if the belt extension is not approved?

Anyone who installs an unapproved belt extension and has an accident should know that the car owner is liable for the consequences. There may also be a fine and points in Flensburg. In addition, the car may no longer be driven (operating license will be withdrawn) until the extension of the belt has been properly removed. Insurance companies also often do not pay if an unapproved belt extension is available. A specialist workshop can provide further information on the belt extension.

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