How do I become a test pilot


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Posted: Mon Jan 16, 2006 7:11 pm Title: How do you actually become ... Test pilot?

Incidentally, thinking about possible alternatives to LFT (รก la "Is there life after death, or even outside of Lufthansa?" ), I read a lot by and about test pilots. As an interface between engineers and pilots, it is certainly an extremely exclusive and demanding job, and in the long run it may even be more interesting to fly than airliners. I also assume that the market for TPs is not as saturated for a long time as that for "normal" pilots and that there should therefore be better job opportunities.

All well and good, but how do you become one? It is clear that things start with a proper aerospace degree ... but WHAT THEN? I once heard that there are only a handful of test pilot schools in the world. Does anyone know what these are? What about the costs for such an apprenticeship and should you accumulate hours at the same time, e.g. as an FI? Is there a better way to get to something like this via the "detour" via military aviation?

It's just a fleeting idea, but it would be great if someone could say something about the subject


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