What are some New Year poems

New Year poems

New game New luck? Anyone who knows the fate of countless good resolutions also knows that things are not so easy with the New Year. Nevertheless, one or the other poet has some encouraging considerations ready. Some of the New Year's poems can also be sent as a New Year's greeting.


A New Year's poem by Wilhelm Busch

This poem by Wilhelm Busch provides a look back at the seedy old year.


Time for a new year

A new year like this is not really new, it is characterized by repetitions: seasons, months, days of the week - everything repeats itself. The art of life is to combine the repetitive with something new, as in this short New Year's poem.

Hans Retep born 1956

For the new year

It's time to lift the spirits.
It's time to stand together.
It is time for the streets to come alive.
It is time to move forward again.

Link address to this poem: www.lyrikmond.de/gedichte-thema-9-62.php#2627


Poem about the young year

Richard von Schaukal took the young year at its word and looks at his first childlike attempts at walking.

Richard von Schaukal 1874-1942

The new Year

A nursery rhyme

The old year has passed overnight
went away in silence.

The new one is still a small child:
it doesn't even know who we are.

And yet he is our Lord of today,
has power over so many thousands of people.

So we want, without looking around,
entrust all our things to him.

It comes from a big house:
it will certainly know its way around soon.

Link address to this poem: www.lyrikmond.de/gedichte-thema-9-62.php#1505


New Year evocation

I don't know whether this New Year's song can be singed, but the ending is always good as an incantation.

Georgi Kratochwil born 1979

New year song

The rain is drumming
The rain is drumming
The rain is pounding on the window

But I am sitting here
But I am sitting here
But I'm sitting here in the dry

The year that can
The year that can
The year can come

Whatever it brings
Whatever it brings
Nothing can shock me anymore
Nothing can shock me anymore
Can Nothing
Shock more

Link address to this poem: www.lyrikmond.de/gedichte-thema-9-62.php#759


Discover a new year

This New Year's poem spins out a comparison with an unknown city until you no longer know what is city, what is year?

Emanuel Mireau born 1974

The new Year

The new year is like a city
that no one has ever seen.
And yet each has its bright ones
and their dark quarters, streets,
where new houses grow
and corners where the walls are crumbling.

Big and radiantly beautiful on the outside,
let's walk slowly through the city.
If you walk slowly, you will see more of everything:
Hidden flowers, sometimes animals,
a smile at the open door
and other people strolling.
This is how the impression remains for many years
from a self-discovered city,
from which one has a lot to tell.

Link address to this poem: www.lyrikmond.de/gedichte-thema-9-62.php#801


A circling New Year's poem

The following poem revolves around the New Year's theme, looks at the trees and the time, only to end up in a completely different place at the end.

Richard von Schaukal 1874-1942

New Year

Another ring on the tree
of its roots in dream
emerges and depths of the night.

Another sign of the times
those through eternity
groping people invented.

Again about pain and madness
orbit measured orbit,
until we woke up at our destination.

Link address to this poem: www.lyrikmond.de/gedichte-thema-9-62.php#1532


Another New Year's poem by Wilhelm Busch

This bush is peeled from a nice bush: a New Year's poem that makes a good greeting.


New year poem for her

A poem for the intimate togetherness at New Year's - blooming love affairs instead of blooming landscapes, so to speak.

Hans Retep born 1956

The old and the new year

The old year is over.
Well then: each one has to go.
The new year, be welcomed;
As long as you bloom by my side
happiness cannot resist us.

Link address for this poem: www.lyrikmond.de/gedichte-thema-9-62.php#802


Parental New Year wish

When the children are out of the house, parents sometimes only have to wish the best for the New Year, but what does that mean?

Hans Retep born 1956

We love you so much ...

We love you so much
and wish from afar
good luck in the new year.
Your heart should sing to you
because plans work out well
and wishes come true.

Link address to this poem: www.lyrikmond.de/gedichte-thema-9-62.php#1848


A Fontane poem for New Years

Fontane's New Year's poem hovers between hope and fear. It is primarily intended for older semesters who also think their lives through from time to time.


New year tree

Karl Henckel praises the tree as a model for the New Year. The transition from the first to the second stanza is somewhat extravagant. The transition is seamless, just as the transition from the old to the new year is seamless if you didn't interfere with firecrackers and rockets.


Nothing new for New Years

Everything used to be ... earlier. This kind of New Year's blues inevitably comes with the years.

Georgi Kratochwil born 1979

New Years Pain

All the best, all the best
Kiss the cheeks, kiss the snout,
I'm leaving with the new year
everything just gets worse than it was before:

The winters are always gray
the summer always wall,
spring comes like autumn,
but it really is only just beginning
when you inherit your parents' pain.

Oh go away with the new year
it just gets worse than it was before.

Link address for this poem: www.lyrikmond.de/gedichte-thema-9-62.php#766


New year wishes

In this poem Ringelnatz portrays the problems of a New Year's wish in a moving way.


A New Year rocket robin poem

This New Year's poem is dedicated to the short life of a New Year rocket and how it continued afterwards.

Dyrk Schreiber born in 1954

the rocket

spinning upside down
the snowy new year
showed the rocket
for a few seconds
colored play and warm light
(to more
about peace
is it much too small and unstable)

visible on the impact
a wooden stick trembled
half-charred but steadfast
the new old cold

already in the morning
in oppressive calm
a robin swung itself
straight from him
in a clean air

Link address for this poem: www.lyrikmond.de/gedichte-thema-9-62.php#1856


New year haiku

The first day of the year is usually just stuttered if you don't lie down at all. This can even be observed in the animal world.

Hans-Peter Kraus born 1965

New year morning ...

New year morning
a crow hum-
pelt across the street

Link address for this poem: www.lyrikmond.de/gedichte-thema-9-62.php#1149


The old and the new

Despite all the good intentions, the change from the old to the new is not as easy as expected. Anyone who finds out the rhyme scheme of this New Year's poem will get some extra wishes fulfilled in the new year ;-)

David Mensch born 1986

Change of being

What I leave:

be the old one

in the old room


What I hold:

the new in the new



without regrets

the way I fade

I shine brightly

in the old dream

Link address for this poem: www.lyrikmond.de/gedichte-thema-9-62.php#2086


Look back ahead

A look back, a look ahead and a wish to heaven that it shows the right path are the ingredients of this New Year's poem.


Courage for the new year

That is roughly the father of all good intentions: An encouragement for fresh happiness in the new year.


A Goethe poem for the New Year

It doesn't say New Year anywhere, it doesn't say New Year anywhere, but this poem hits the bull's eye when it comes to “good intentions”.