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Marketing & Consulting

Tourism & Business

Analysis - processing - planning of measures

The marketing analysis is used to record the measures and activities of the company that have been taken so far. Concrete focal points are drawn out and new ideas and measures are also bundled. With the documents you have made available, we develop a specialist tourism marketing analysis and initiate future marketing activities in connection with a feasibility study and a budget plan.

Creation of marketing concept

In order to enable you to achieve continued success, basic marketing rules are indispensable for every company. We support and accompany you in all areas. The created marketing concept, which contains all economic elements, the budget, the strategy, the approach as well as the sales and advertising measures.

Important points

  • Product - Adoption of suitable products, adaptation, processing and optimization
  • Prices - price check of the existing price situation, adjustment and optimization
  • Employees - employee training, sales training
  • Advertising - Analysis of the existing advertising measures online and offline
  • Budget - planning of measures for one year according to the budget

Sales development - sales strategies - operational strategy implementation - market positioning

  • Customer enthusiasm, market positioning & success
  • Put the customer at the center of your thoughts
  • Rapidly developing market conditions, new types of communication, positioning in disruptive markets
  • Generational change, digital transformation. Big challenging tasks for the face of the company - sales. And by the way, the company's monetary goal is to significantly increase sales and profits. That certainly doesn't sound easy at first.

Strategy and planning accelerate progress

  • The goals are defined together and trained and implemented with the employees in sales. We take the first steps together until your sales team wins the market independently at top speed. A flexible way of thinking helps us to implement the strategy. Impulse workshops show the possibilities, which increases in results can be realized with simple ideas and solutions. The reproducibility of the processes and procedures as well as the multiplication in your own sales team counts.