How are road speed limits determined

EN: speed limits

Feature: speed limits
Specification of speed limits on roads, tracks and waterways.

Speed ​​limits on roads, tracks and waterways can be indicated along with the position of the traffic sign.

Maximum and minimum speed limits

Maximum and minimum speed limits are indicated with and on the way and section of the road. In both cases the value is a number followed by 'mph' or 'knoten'. For places where the speed limit is given in km / h, only the number is given.

This is used to indicate the type of limit. If the value is given numerically, it still contains 'sign' or alternatively : . Use the following codes for the country code: ISO 3166-1 alpha-2

Road Signs

The position of the traffic signs can be given as a marginal note. This should be done with (or appropriately) and the value of the speed limit. E.g .: for a speed limit sign stating 50 km / h. Signs that cancel the speed limit are indicated as follows:


For permanently installed speed cameras, the position of the camera applies. Cameras that determine the average speed use: Relation: enforcement or; alternatively also.

Differences according to direction of travel and / or lane

See DE: Key: maxspeed.

State code / conversion table


value numeric equivalent
EN: Autobahn
EN: country road100
EN: In town50
IT: Urban
RO: Autobahn130
RO: country road90
RO: trunk100
RO: urban50
RU: country road90
RU: urban60
GB: Autobahn70 mph
GB: two lanes70 mph
GB: single lane60 mph


Sign with numerical speed limit ..
Image from Wikimedia Commons, taken by User: Abbamains, licensed as cc-by-sa 3.0
Signs with different speed limits during the day and at night.
Image from Wikimedia Commons, taken by Daniel Schwen, licensed as cc-by-sa 3.0
Speed ​​limit as a marker on the road.
Image from Wikimedia Commons, taken by user: DF08, licensed as public domain

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