What are the different causes of migraines

I can hardly see any triggers for the migraines in myself

The doctor I was treated by was an expert in autogenic training and I learned that from him. I still have these skills today, it's like riding a bike, I don't forget that anymore. That is very good for me and helps me to relax. But unfortunately autogenic training has neither had a positive effect on the frequency of migraines nor on the severity of seizures. I tried it too, but without success.

For me that meant that I had to struggle for a few years. When the migraine came, I had to go to a dark room, as cool as possible, as calm as possible.

The breakthrough success came for me with the invention of the triptans. I still take it today. It looks like this: When I get a migraine, it is almost always at night or in the early morning hours, around four o'clock. Then I wake up and notice that the migraines are starting. Then I take a triptan tablet like this and the symptoms usually go away relatively quickly. I can then go to work as normal and I am in top shape.

Sometimes I try to get up and move or take a hot shower in the hopes that I can suppress the migraines. But when I've done that and the headache is still there, then I take the medication and hope it works, and most of the time they do.

There is a whole range of triptans, so it really only helps to find a good doctor and try each one. I've tried about five supplements and have been with one that works for a while now. Sometimes the effect is not that good either, but these are exceptional cases.