How do i fix this nintendo ds

Nintendo 3DS freezes - you can do that

If your Nintendo 3DS hangs up frequently while playing or in the menu, this could be for various reasons. Some, but unfortunately not all, you can fix yourself. We have summarized the most important tips for you in this article.

Nintendo 3DS hangs up: the most important tips

If the Nintendo 3DS hangs up, the first thing to do is turn it off and then on again and see if the problem recurs.

  • If the Nintendo 3DS can no longer be switched off normally, you can press and hold the power button for a few seconds. It should then go out completely even without input via the touchscreen.
  • If this does not work, simply wait until the battery of the 3DS has completely discharged and the device turns off by itself.
  • Alternatively, you can also briefly remove the battery from the device and insert it again. To do this, however, you need a suitable screwdriver.

Nintendo 3DS freezes: update firmware

Bugs in the firmware of the Nintendo 3DS can cause the mini console to hang up again and again. You should therefore always install all available system updates.

  1. Connect the Nintendo 3DS to the mains, otherwise the update cannot be carried out.
  2. Turn on the Nintendo 3DS and open System Preferences.
  3. Tap on "General Settings".
  4. Go to page four and select "System Update".
  5. If your Nintendo 3DS is not yet connected to the internet, you need to connect it now.
  6. Tap "Accept" and wait for the update to download and install completely.

Set up the SD card again if the Nintendo 3DS freezes

In many cases, problems with the SD card being used are responsible for the error. Then it helps if you replace the card with a different one or reformat the existing card.

  • To format the SD card, Nintendo recommends the free SDFormatter program. However, you can also easily use the Windows format function. In both cases you need a suitable reader for the SD card.
  • When formatting the card, remember to back up all saved data beforehand, otherwise it will be lost.

Factory reset Nintendo 3DS

If the previous steps do not help, reset your device to the factory settings. Also save all your data before this step.

  1. Turn on the Nintendo 3DS.
  2. Open the "System Preferences".
  3. Tap on "General Settings".
  4. Go to page four and select the "Format" option. Confirm the message by also tapping on "Format".

Have a broken Nintendo 3DS repaired

If you cannot solve the problem yourself, you should have the 3DS repaired. To do this, they first contact Nintendo, which can be done by phone or email. If your device is still under warranty, the repair is usually free of charge - otherwise you have to pay for it.

What to do if your Nintendo 3DS no longer works, read the next practical tip.