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Fan questions about "Pirates in Batavia"

On July 28th, the time has finally come: The “Pirates in Batavia” attraction opens its doors again! Shortly before the opening, we called on Facebook to ask questions about the new attraction. We have collected the most exciting of the numerous responses and are now answering them in the following blog post. Michael Mack, managing partner, insisted on it and even answered three questions personally in a video for you.

1. Which figures were taken over from the "old" attraction? (Especially: tiger, monkey with the key, parrot at the entrance, gorilla)

We can reveal this much: We rescued eight characters from the "old" attraction and took over some animal animatronics. Now it is up to you from July 28th to find all the figures mentioned in the question while driving. A tip: One of the figures mentioned is no longer at home on the boat trip.


2. How many animatronics are there in the new ride compared to the old one and what makes the new one so unique? Who is the manufacturer of the animatronics?

There will be over 100 animatronics on display in the new ride, eight of which are from the original attraction. We worked with three of the best manufacturers, one from Germany and two from the USA.


3. Regarding the route: Will the drop with the “demon” happen again at the beginning of the journey? Is the route the same or longer?

The route is almost identical, you can also look forward to the initial drop. Only the "demon" is no longer there.


4. Which new special effects will there be and which old effects have been taken over? (Especially: waterfall with the light projection? Starry sky? Scent?)

Technically, the new boat trip experience is absolutely state-of-the-art. The technology in the background is very modern and you can look forward to numerous special effects. During the journey, you will be enchanted again by a sparkling starry sky, a water projection and magical video animations from MackAnimation.


5. Will the new soundtrack and the "making of" be available as BluRay in the shop? Or will there even be a movie?

Yes, you will be able to buy the new soundtrack on CD. The short film “Aufbruch nach Batavia”, known from the “Magic Cinema 4D”, and the making-of series are also expected to be available from us from next year.


6. Was it psychologically difficult to “replace” the old attraction “Pirates in Batavia” with a new one? Or was it a pleasure to rebuild the family attraction?

For the teams that have been working on the attraction in the past few months, it was a huge pleasure to be part of the reconstruction. Of course, the work was also very challenging, because the old attraction was filled with so many emotions and childhood memories. But we are convinced that the balancing act between modernity and nostalgia has been successful.


Michael Mack answered the next three questions personally in a video:


7. How much water and how much electricity does the attraction use?

There will be 2.5 million liters of water in the pool. At this point in time, we cannot say how much electricity the attraction consumes.


8. Which and how many actors inside and outside Europa-Park are involved in the creation of such an attraction?

That is a difficult question 🙂 About 20 people from the Europa-Park team worked intensively on the reconstruction. With the support of external service providers, there were up to 80 people on the construction site.


9. What was the most difficult stage in the reenactment of “Pirates in Batavia”?

It was a great challenge, on the one hand, to take the old emotions with you and, on the other, to translate the attraction into 2020. It was a difficult balancing act.

The last few months with Covid 19 were also a very special challenge for the pirates in Batavia, as we sometimes worked with international companies. The sudden constraints and guidelines really shook the project upside down. Due to the entry restrictions, workers were sometimes absent or materials were stuck at border crossings. Fortunately, we were able to react quickly and with foresight and still finish the attraction on time.


10. Does the new version of “Pirates in Batavia” have a higher hourly capacity than the previous one?

No. The capacity is the same as the boats are the same size again.