Why do some people look for full eyelashes

The best methods for full lashes

The best make-up tips for long eyelashes

It doesn't always have to be a lash lift. Sometimes your own is enough To dye eyelashes. Because many small hairs, especially on the inner corner of the eye and on the ends of the hair, are often so light that we cannot see them with the naked eye. Once they are colored, it looks very different. You can often take part in such a coloring at the hairdresser's. But you can also dye them yourself at home. You can find colors in the drugstore, or ask the hairdresser directly whether you can buy the color.



Fake lashes are also a solution. Especially when things have to be done quickly. They can be easily glued on with a small pair of pliers and a little eyelash glue. A black eyeliner (preferably subtle) ensures that small adhesive blemishes do not attract attention. The look looks most natural when you glue the eyelashes in individually. If you want something more dramatic, you can of course also use the eyelash strips. After gluing and drying, apply a quick wash and your look is ready.



You don't think much of fake lashes and you don't like the professional treatment either? Then there is a more natural method to gently compress your lashes. Sounds strange at first, but it really works. Take in Cotton pad, open it and loosen the individual cotton threads a little so that they stick out slightly. Now take your mascara and grab some of these cotton threads with the brush.

Then put it on your eyelashes and apply as always The small cotton fibers gently wrap around your hair and fuse with your real eyelashes thanks to their black color. This will compress and lengthen them. In the evening, simply remove make-up with a little micellar water and a cotton pad.