How to hack MikroTik

100,000 routers: "Nice" hackers remove security gaps without asking

Hundreds of thousands of Mikrotik routers currently in use have serious security vulnerabilities that were discovered in April of this year. However, the manufacturer has not delivered a security update for certain devices. An unknown hacker, who only calls himself Alexey and speaks Russian, now claims to have closed the gap in more than 100,000 routers - without being asked. The reported the tech website "ZDNet". He openly admits his approach on a Russian blogging platform.

Only 50 people heard about Hack and contacted him

He claims to have created firewall rules that prevent strangers from outside the local network from accessing them. He wanted to prevent further unsolicited changes and possible abuse. He also explained the security gap in the comments and gave those affected an opportunity to contact him via Messenger Telegram. Even though he did this on 100,000 different devices, only 50 people in total answered. Some thanked them, but most were upset with the hack.

Hackers can gain remote access

Alexey was also able to access infected devices in some cases, as previous hackers themselves did not close further access to other users. The vulnerability, called CVE-2018-14847, allows intruders to bypass the authentication process. Hackers can then download and decrypt the user database, which allows them to force remote access to the respective devices.

Acts of the altruistic hacker are illegal

In the past few months, strangers have installed cryptominer malware en masse. Hackers use the process performance (and electricity) of the devices to produce cryptocurrencies. A security researcher told ZDNet that there are indications that more than 400,000 Mikrotek brand routers currently in use and connected to the Internet are infected with such scripts. Although the hacker's actions have a benevolent background, his actions are illegal in most countries around the world. (red, 10/17/2018)