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Which oil does my car need? Tips and advice on the 3 most common questions


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Which oil is right for my car?

Engine oil keeps a car running - is that okay with him lubricant from, follows a Engine failuremostly quickly. Given the abundance of different engine oils, which are offered in workshops and at petrol stations, many motorists come to the Choice of the right oil work up a sweat.

Just Novice driversWhen it comes to engine care, a few questions arise: What oil does my car need? Where can I find which oil my car needs? And what if I am crazy? In this counselor learn how to determine which oil belongs in the carwhere to find the relevant information and why the choice of correct engine oil is so important.

FAQ: Which engine oil do I need?

Which oil does my car need?

To find out which oil is the right one, you first have to find out the manufacturer's approval for your car. You can usually find this in the manual or the service booklet of your car. You can then get the engine oil that has exactly this approval.

What happens if the wrong oil is used?

Those who change the engine oil themselves instead of in a workshop should definitely pay attention to the type. If the wrong oil is used, the worst case scenario is engine damage.

When does the car have to change the oil?

When to change the oil depends on how much you drive and the manufacturer. However, it is recommended at least once a year.

How do I know which oil my car needs?

Where to note Manufacturerwhich oil needs to be in the car? It is generally worth taking a look at the operation manual of the car. It usually says which one conditions the engine oil for your vehicle correspond got to.

In some cases, however, it says not explicitwhich engine oil is required for which car, but only one Manufacturer-recommended oil of a specific brand. If you have, you have two possibilities:

  1. Look in the Internet for the recommended oil and find its properties out. You can also use engine oils other brands fall back as long as this is the same Provisions consequences.
  2. Look in the Engine compartment: It is also noted there which one conditions exactly on the required oil.
To the question "Which oil does my car need?“To answer is sometimes something Detective work necessary.

What kind of oil does my car need? criteria

Which oil is needed for which car depends on various factors from:

  1. viscosity
  2. Syntheticity
  3. Combustion temperature

The viscosity of an oil corresponds to this Lubricity at different temperatures. There Gasoline and diesel engines different Combustion temperatures present, the oil required varies depending on the Fuel. The viscosity classes in Europe are mostly in the ACEA standard specified. A W. in the norm guarantees a certain Winter resistance at sub-zero temperatures.

In addition, engine oils are divided into three categories:

  • Synthetic oils
  • Semi-synthetic oils
  • Mineral oils

A new motor usually requires a synthetic or semi-synthetic oil. What degree of Syntheticity You can also find out about your car in the Operating manual.

Make up your mind on one Oil without W-Norm, you will need to change the oil in winter. Ever colder the temperatures the more thicker becomes the oil.

What is the risk of using the wrong oil for my car?

The engine is on that Lubricant instructed to function smoothly. Choose Oil that is too thick for your car, it may be its lubricating function not comply. Parts of the engine rub against each other and sometimes cause one severe damage.

The question "Which oil does my car need?“You should therefore get to the bottom before changing the oil. Otherwise you risk one Engine failure. If in doubt, it is worth asking a workshop.

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