What is the history of medical technology

History of medical technology

They date from the 18th century to the 21st century. A selection of these together with loans was shown in the Great State Exhibition of Baden-Württemberg in the TECHNOSEUM 2014/15. The book “Vom Aderlass zum Nanoskop” summarizes the research that was carried out on the exhibition. The book is divided into seven chapters and illustrated with numerous colored pictures. The chapters are headed “The emergence of scientific medicine”, “Looking into the body”, “The measurement of the patient”, “The human microcosm”, “Interventions in the body”, “Spare parts for the body” and “Outlook: The Future of Medical Technology ".

The book begins with a brief review of medicine in antiquity, the Middle Ages and early modern times. Procedures such as bloodletting or the early forms of surgery are presented. The anatomical revolution is also explained in detail. The book is very easy to read and very clear due to the many photos and illustrations. The text always briefly describes the historical personalities behind the inventions. One section is devoted to X-ray technology. From the discovery of X-rays to the modern forms of imaging processes, radiation therapy or even excesses such as the pedoscope for checking shoe fit, there is a good overview of the rapid development. The achievements in the laboratory area are not neglected either. For example, the development of microscopes and other aids are described.

Anyone who would like to get a comprehensive, easy-to-read and clear overview of the history of medical technology cannot ignore this very readable book.

From Bloodletting to the Nanoscope: A History of Medical Technology. By: Alexander Sigelen, publisher: TECHNOSEUM, L&H Verlag, Berlin, 2018, ISBN: 978–3–939629–45–0, price: 29.80 euros


Taken from MTA Dialog 9/2018