How wide is an average airplane seat

Airline test: which airline has the most comfortable seats? 💺

Lean back, relax and enjoy your flight - this announcement sounds familiar to every frequent flyer.

However, this is only possible if passengers have enough space on board. We took a close look at the seats of numerous airlines and rated both the economy and business classes according to seat spacing and seat width.

Those who do not want to fly luxury class should choose low-cost airlines. In terms of seat width, there is hardly any difference in Germany: According to, Eurowings offers seats with widths between 43.2 and 45.7 cm in economy class on short-haul flights and EasyJet offers 45.7 cm seat width throughout.

The seat width has a significant impact on comfort. But the distance to the front seat is also a decisive factor. Here at Eurowings you will find some of the most comfortable seats with a seat spacing between 76.2 and a full 114.3 cm seat spacing - the latter super comfort seats can be found in the BEST area on flights in the Airbus A330-200. In the economy area, however, the seat spacing goes up to a maximum of 81.3 cm. The seats from Ryanair are comparable with a seat pitch between 76.2 and 86.4 cm and EasyJet still offers 73.7 cm seat pitch.

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More legroom with low-cost airlines in other countries

The US low-cost airline JetBlue Airways holds first place in the economy class for legroom on short-haul flights of up to 99.1 cm. On long-haul routes, the platform goes to the Canadian airline WestJet at a distance of 96.5 cm from the front seat.

In the Premium Economy Class, the airline OpenSkies, based in France and belonging to the British Airways Group, emerged as the clear winner with an incredible 119.4 cm seat pitch. As for the seat width, Virgin Atlantic holds the throne with 53.3 cm seat width for comfortable expansion.

*You can see a complete listing of all seat data on The data was correct at the time of publication in July 2019, but is subject to change at any time. It is best to check directly with the airline to see how wide the seats are and their spacing.

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