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China: Chinese target group? Chinese website!

This long loading bar and then again an error message. For Chinese customers, visiting your website can be a nerve-wracking ordeal. If you want to shine in terms of online presence in the Middle Kingdom, you should pay attention to a few things.

Internet restrictions are a burden for German companies to enter the market
Slow loading times, missing content or no availability at all: This is how many German websites present themselves to their Chinese visitors. Different control mechanisms are responsible for this. In addition to an automatic censorship mechanism called the “Golden Shield Project”, terms are also checked manually. Not only certain Internet addresses are affected, individual content can also be blocked. If, for example, image films from YouTube are integrated or scripts from Google are active, not all content is available to a visitor from China.
Virtual private networks (VPN) - these are data tunnels that create encrypted connections to a server abroad - were often the last “detour” to get the desired information from Germany, for example. They too have been disrupted since the beginning of the year and are no longer a guarantee of being able to exchange data with servers abroad without hindrance.

China's web is booming
Despite the restrictions, the Chinese are very internet savvy. With almost 650 million users, the Chinese Internet market is the largest in the world and, with market penetration of only 47% so far, still offers a lot of potential. (According to the report "China's digital transformation", McKinsey Global Institute, July 2014). In fact, there are more than twice as many Internet users in China as there are residents in the United States.

Successful in China's network
In order to reach potential customers in China, it must be ensured that the company's own website can be accessed in China. At the AHK Greater China in Shanghai you can find out what you should do and how you can network with your Chinese target group. It takes over the registration of Chinese domains and the hosting of the website on a server within the "Great Firewall". The team also supports you in the design, translation and marketing of your content. You can find an overview of the services on the website of the AHK Greater China or you can contact Michael Peter Zahn, Head of Media & Communication, + 86-21-5081-2266-1653, [email protected] .de.

A slow and unstable internet connection, especially to servers outside of China, has long been a downer in business in China. According to the business climate study by the German Chamber of Commerce in China, almost 60% of the German companies surveyed in China rated the slow Internet as a serious challenge in the summer of 2015.