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Bamboo - Fargesia

Sun or shade: the Fargesia is resilient

Optimal for the Fargesia bamboo is a partially shaded place with a pleasant humidity. There are, however also species that are good for use in full sun suitable, for example:

  • Fargesia rufa
  • Fargesia murieliae
  • Fargesia scabrida
  • Fargesia robusta

These do not roll up the leaves even in full sunlight. Before planting, the soil should be loosened up a little. The Bamboo Fargesia prefers a more acidic surfacecoffee grounds, grape pomace or coniferous soil, for example. In the spring and summer months from March to July, among other things Compost can be used to fertilize the fargesia

A robust and decorative plant

Even a strong pruning cannot harm the resilient Fargesia bamboo. The plant is extremely robustso survives they also frosty nights without any problems and even still blooms green all year round. This makes the Fargesia one of the most popular types of bamboo in Germany and the perfect garden plant. Depending on the species, the Fargesia grows 5 to 20 cm a year and can reach heights of between 1.5 and 6 meters. The plant can Due to the dense and straight growth it is used as a separating element or even as a delimiting hedge become. Both in the bucket and in the ground, the Fargesia bamboo transforms your garden or balcony into a place of tranquility with its eastern touch. Look for a Fargesia now and create a place to pause!

Make sure that the garden is calm and relaxed

The bamboo Fargesia, which belongs to the grasses, is one perfect companion plant and loosens up every garden. The Fargesia looks very noble and is easy to use ideal addition to the existing plantingwithout creating additional work. New stalks form within a few weeks, and the Fargesia bamboo produces leaves in the same summer or autumn. So if you have a fast growing and reliable companion for your garden, then you are making the right choice with this plant. Order your Fargesia bamboo online now!

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