Why men don't like the color purple

Marketing for Men and Women: How Colors Are Perceived [Infographic]

Men and women often perceive colors differently and give way in this regard in their preferences differ from each other. Whether this is due to their socialization or whether this gender difference is innate, one can argue about it.

It is much more interesting for marketing and advertising what exactly these deviations are. The following infographic presents psychological studies that have nourished this topic from a scientific point of view.

Blue and purple or plum and turquoise?

Most noticeable is that women use more differentiated color names on average than men. For example, the female gender would divide what men simply call pink into carnation, strawberry, magenta-red and salmon. The biggest difference in the so-called "Favorite colors“However, 23% of women like purple the most, while 0% of men like it.

On the other hand, there is one color that connects both sexes: blue. It is the undisputed favorite color of 35% of the female and 57% of the male respondents. But whether the ladies prefer the shading spray mist, blue-green, sky blue or turquoise, the infographic cannot tell us ...

(Source: https://blog.kissmetrics.com/gender-and-color/)

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