Is water sugar free

Sun campaign 2008

With healthy skin through the summer

Mayor Dr. Karlheinz Stephan took advantage Creaming service of the health department

For the sixth time in a row, the health department in Neuburg-Schrobenhausen organized a day of action on sun protection under the motto of Bayer. Ministry of Health "Sun (s) with understanding - instead of sunburn". The health department had waited a long time for the summer weather to return in order to bring the project to the man, woman and child before the start of the summer vacation. The location of the action this year was once again the outdoor swimming pool in Schrobenhausen, where the sun worshipers were taught how important it is to take the right protective measures when sunbathing. Because every sunburn not only increases the risk of skin cancer, but also causes the skin to age prematurely. Tanned skin is therefore not necessarily a sign of health.

Of course, it also depends on the skin type. The bathers at the first station of the information trail were able to determine this for themselves, as the necessary protective measures result from this in connection with the current UV index of the day, i.e. the intensity of the UV radiation. Depending on skin type and UV index, these can range from applying a suitable sun protection factor to clothing in the form of headgear, T-shirt and sunglasses, or even recommending that you stay in the shade or in the house, especially in the midday heat. Two doctors from the health department were available to answer questions from the bathers, advise and distribute relevant information material. The daily UV index is also available on the Internet at

Then each visitor went through three more stations. One of them was the cream service for those who had forgotten their sunscreen or were already marked by red arms or shoulders. A pediatric nurse was happy to help with creaming where your own hands could no longer reach.

So that fun and games were not neglected, there was also a station where the little ones could play a sun memory or paint figures and dress for the sun. For the older ones, there was a game of skill and a wheel of fortune on which you had to answer questions about sun protection. And at each of these stations there were small, practical gifts with the sun protection logo, from children's T-shirts and hats to lanyards.

Those who had successfully completed the course finally received a little refreshment in the form of mineral water and an apple at the last station. This conveyed the importance of drinking a lot (1½ to 2 liters) when it is hot, preferably mineral or tap water. To make this clear, there was also a small sugar exhibition at this station that showed that, for example, one liter of lemonade or cola contains up to 40 sugar cubes, while water is sugar-free. And at the very end there was a € 1 voucher that could be redeemed at the kiosk. The greatest gain for the visitors to the information stand should not be the gifts, but the knowledge of the need for sun protection, for the sake of their own health and beautiful, healthy skin.

Anyone who was unable to attend the health department's day of action can of course find out more about the subject of "Sun (s) with understanding - instead of sunburn" during the office hours of the health department (Tel. 08431 / 57-500 and 08252 / 907-460)