Who is Voltaire

The cheeky philosopher: Voltaire and his patrons!

These two had been writing letters to each other for many years. How boring you might say. But at a time when there was no telephone, internet or television, letters were just very important. Only in this way could people exchange ideas over longer distances, tell something about themselves and learn about events in other places.

Frederick II admired Voltaire

Frederick II admired the poet very much and left him wanting for nothing. But despite the pen friendship, the get-together was not good for the two of them. Because they always had different opinions and argued. Voltaire, who did not want to lose the favor of Frederick II, mostly gave in, but in the end there was a lasting rift between the two.

Voltaire was that Author of the Enlightenmentmost read and best known. He has written over 750 works in his 84-year life. The philosopher was known not only in his native France but throughout Europe and many of his books have been translated into other languages.

Voltaire as a critic

Voltaire repeatedly criticized absolutism and the Catholic Church. His writings were very important and it would be a little more than 20 years after his death for much of what he had thought and considered to become reality in the French Revolution, albeit perhaps very differently than he had imagined.