Which university is better UNC or NCSU

What are you studying or what have you studied?

I'm studying Sports Management with a major in Marketing in the United States at North Carolina State University in Raleigh.

Why this course and this university?

I studied sports science and English for a year in Germany (WWU Muenster) and then got the opportunity to move to the USA. Since I had a lot of fun studying sports and my degree from Germany could not be continued in the USA, I had to find something else. My university here offers the so-called major in sports management and so I decided to do it.

What was the application and selection process like?

The application for the university was made relatively easy for me because the university's soccer coach wanted me to be a new player on his team. The Sports-Scholarship agency in Münster helped me a lot in the search for a suitable university and gave me the opportunity to talk to over 30 interested coaches and decide on a university.

To briefly explain that with football: I played at Preussen Münster and the time required for training and university was very high and not always easy to combine due to training times. I really wanted to complete a degree before taking the next step in professional sport and in the American college system, teaching and training are much better connected and there are no problems at all. Due to my athletic abilities, I received a scholarship at the university and can therefore study in the USA and play football for the university. The framework conditions are more than professional in American college sports (sports facilities, physiotherapists & doctors, travel to games, equipment, TV recordings, etc.) and surprisingly for me at the beginning, the level of football in my league is also very high (comparatively regional league- Oberliga in Germany) .

Ultimately, I can only say about the selection process in my case that I received a scholarship due to my athletic abilities (goalkeeper) and that the academic prerequisites were also met (good university degree).

What are or were the biggest hurdles for you?

The biggest hurdles for me personally at the beginning were on the one hand the bureaucratic process with e.g. the visa and eligibility to play for the USA and on the other hand living in a completely different culture with a different language.

Of course, I already knew the basics in English from my school and university days. However, studying economics in the language is something completely different! Subjects such as accounting, finance or economics are a lot more difficult in English and it took a lot of work to be successful there and to keep up with the material. However, I have to say that after one semester everything became much easier and my English has now reached a very high level after 1.5 years.

How is or was student life on campus?

My university here in America with 35,000 students is a very large university by American standards and I have to say that I love life on campus! Every day I see and meet different people from all parts of the world and it is a tremendous enrichment to get to know foreign cultures and mentalities.

Some of my best friends here come from e.g. England, Venezuela, Guatemala and Australia.

How is or was the supervision by the university?

As a college athlete, the support is of course very different from that of a regular student. For the academic sector we have so-called advisors who always help us with problems and there is the possibility to book tutors who help you with courses and explain the material from the lectures in more detail.

As mentioned above, the athletic support is extremely professional and we as athletes get everything we need and can only imagine. In German football, these conditions are probably only found in the national leagues.

What would you highlight particularly positively about your studies and your university?

I would particularly like to highlight the diversity of cultures on campus and, very important for my athletic development, the football training and treatment of athletes. The time required is still very high and academically nothing is given and you have to learn a lot (more than in Germany), but with good supervision, high-quality professors and a well-structured schedule (training / game, lectures, etc.) everything is good to agree and I can finish my studies.

What would you rather describe as problematic about your studies and your university?

For regular students, I would certainly describe the unusually high study costs in the USA compared to Germany as problematic. My university as a state institution costs around $ 33,000 annually and would be unaffordable without a scholarship. Private universities can be much more expensive!

What tips can you give future students on the way?

Use every chance to get to know other countries and cultures and don't be afraid of changes. I would never have had the life experiences and impressions that I have gathered here so far in Germany.

Can you recommend the course and the university to others?

NC State University is definitely a great institution and the Sports Management degree program offers very interesting opportunities for those interested in sports!

Thank you for the interview

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