Who is your favorite French actor?

Translation of "How is your favorite actor" in French

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His mother named him Edward Goldenberg Robinson after hers Favorite actor.
Sa mère l'avait baptisé Edward G. Robinson, comme son idols.
Edward Arnold was one of them anyway Favorite actor my father's.
Also mine Favorite actor Tom Hanks at the Golden Globes.
This is a lighter, it was mine Favorite actor Paul Newman.
"Ceci est un briquet." Il appartenait à Paul Newman, mon acteur préféré.
Well, she told Cameron at dinner last night, her Favorite actor you are in town
I was on Celebrity Millionaire and I didn't have a foundation to donate so I donated Paul Newman's Hole in the Wall Gang, Paul Newman is mine Favorite actor and I thought this is how I meet him.
J'ai participé à Celebrity Millionaire. N'ayant aucune association à laquelle céder mes gains, j'ai choisi de les donner au Hole in the Wall Gang de Paul Newman. C'est mon acteur préféré et je me disais que je pourrais le rencontrer.
How is the topic of the information society is likely to be structured?
source sera The structure probable for the topic of the Société de l'information?
How is the current status of the aforementioned antitrust investigations? 3.
Où en sont les enquêtes antitrust susmentionnées? 3.
How is the current status of the use of this initiative?
source est the situation actual concernant l'utilisation de cette initiative?
How is such a pricing policy possible? 2.
How is the status of implementation of this program? 2.
Quel est le degré de réalisation you plan? 2.
How is the status of this procedure?
Quel est l'état d'avancement de cette procédure?
How is the current state of implementation of this preparatory action? 2.
Quel est l'état actuel de la mise en œuvre de cette action prepared? 2.
How is the current status of this breach of contract?
Quel est l'état d'avancement de cette violation?
How is the implementation status within the EU member states? 2.
Où en est la transposition de ces directives dans les États membres de l'UE? 2.
How is To classify Greece in comparison?
Source rank la Grèce occupe-t-elle dans le classement?
How is has the Council acted on the resolution of the European Parliament?
Source suivi le Conseil a-t-il apporté à la résolution du Parlement européen?
How is deal with pending legislative proposals in the transition phase
Comment aborder les propositions legislatives pendantes lors de la phase transit
How is the situation regarding the recognition of higher education qualifications in the other EU Member States? 2.
Source est, à cet égard, the situation qui prévaut dans chacun des autres États membres de l'Union européenne? 2.
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