Can date a psychopath and sociopath

June 12, 2015

Attentive readers have long since noticed: the black swan of the week is antifragile. The more outstanding personalities slip into it, the stronger it becomes. And the nice thing is, they never stop.

This week we will once again dedicate ourselves to the really important people in society, the top performers, the executives, the company leaders - in short, the elite. As a lecture at the 12th Acatis conference on May 29 showed, this cohort of psychopaths is only so permeated. Black swan, ick hear you trapping.

Dr. In the lecture entitled “Personalities in Management”, Rüdiger Hossiep from the Ruhr University in Bochum got to the bottom of the question: “Do bosses have to be crazy?” To make it short: Yes! According to available and reliable studies, managers with “problematic personality structures” are many times over-represented in high-ranking positions. This is the assessment of the trained psychologist, who has worked for Deutsche Bank, among others, in his professional career. But why do intelligent people with psychopathic tendencies make it this far? According to Hossiep, they have specific characteristics that significantly increase the likelihood of actually climbing to the top of the hierarchy. The consequences are disastrous, believes the author of the relevant personal psychological literature.

Hossiep divides the “psychologically suspicious in business” into three groups: the paranoids, the sociopaths and the autistic. What may sound like a lot of fun at first, results in a tough everyday life for the subordinates. Take, for example, Albert Dunlap, also known as Chainsaw Al. Companions remember the now retired turnaround manager with goosebumps and describe him as a manipulative, ruthless and destructive manager. Who is it then that Dunlap made it onto Time Magazine's Top Ten Worst Bosses? If you want to know more, you will find plenty of reading on the Internet.

A self-test can't hurt

Back to the lecture by Dr. Rudiger Hossiep. He went out of his way to compile the characteristics of a psychopathic person. Do you recognize someone? It starts with rather harmless attributes such as superficial, grandiose, deceptive, impulsive and aimless. But psychopaths are also ruthless and devoid of empathy. They do not accept responsibility and behave antisocially, just like the classic turnaround manager. “Frankly, I can never get enough of admiration and recognition.” A psychopath put this statement on record in a self-test and emphasized: “Relevant parts of the money I have earned in my life, I earned through the targeted exploitation or Manipulation of others. "

The US entrepreneur Bernie Cornfeld is considered one of the first major investment manipulators and he had a sense for lavish parties, for example with Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. And who doesn't like to think back to the antics of Bernie Madoff with a slight shudder. In the row of the alleged finance moguls there are also Florian "The meanwhile refined" Homm, "Window Jumper" Thomas Middelhoff and Uli "Alles auf Rot" Hoeneß. The latter had always firmly assumed that rules did not apply to him. Not correct!

If you have previously doubted that managers with problematic personality structures are many times overrepresented in high-ranking positions, we recommend a short YouTube video. This shows the former head of Lehman Brothers, Richard "Dick" Fuld, in 2007 from his, let's say somewhat flattering, amiable side. But see for yourself.

Before we let you go into the weekend with our best wishes, the following delicacy from the personal report of a psychoanalyst on a financial investor whose source is Dr. Rüdiger Hossiep held back: "I would rate you somewhere between sociopathic and psychopathic."

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