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The Battle of Hearts and Minds - Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki

The battle of the

Hearts and minds

A presentation of

Imam Anwar al-Awlaki

(may Allah protect him)

Translated by Umm Yaqub

The battle of hearts and minds

This is a translation of an audio lecture given by Imam Anwar al-Awlaki on
May 11, 2008 was held. Because of the importance of this work, we wanted
that it is also available in German-speaking countries. We hope from
the brothers and sisters that they have this information as far as it is in theirs
Opportunity is to spread and we ask Allah Azza wa Jell every Muslim who
His religion helps to reward.
And Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala says: “Verily, they are planning a ruse; and I plan
a ruse. "(86: 15-16)
The battle of hearts and minds

بسم ﷲ الرحمن الرحيم

Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim, Alhamdulillah, was-Salatu was-Salamu ala Sayyidina

Muhammad wa ala aälihi wa sahbihi teslimen kethiira.

Dear brothers and sisters, as-Salamu alaykum wa Rahmetullahi wa Barakatuh.

Alhamdulillahi Rabb al Aalemiin, we ask Allah Azza wa Jell for our troubles
to accept. We ask Allah Azza wa Jell for useful knowledge. Allahumma
neseluke ilmen nafi’an we ne’udhu bike min ilmin le yenfa ’.

As announced, the theme of this talk is “The Battle of Hearts
and heads ”and I'll start it off by reading from a report from the Rand Institute
the year 2007 quote. It says:

“The struggle that is being waged through most of the Muslim world is in
Actually a battle of views. Its result will be the future direction of the
determine the Muslim world. "
So right now there is a battle of views in the Muslim world;
and after the US Department of Defense, in his
quarterly defense review, it states:

“The United States is engaged in a war that is both a battle of
Representing armed forces and a battle of views. A war in which final victory
will only be achieved if extremist ideologies in the eyes of those who represent them
Population and indirect supporters become irrelevant. "
So, according to Rand and the Pentagon, and also in real life, there is the
Muslim world is a battle of views, but what is their attitude towards this
internal matter - this matter that affects Muslims? This battle
the view is between those who want to obey Islam like him
Muhammad (sas) has been revealed - they want Islam in its entirety
obey - and those who want to choose parts of Islam. You want that
Selectively obey Islam.
Well, this thing is not new to Muslims. In every age there is Ahl al-Haqq
and those who want to stray from the right path. Through our story
throughout this has been a struggle that Allah has ordained to endure
existed even in the believing nations before us; B. at Bani Israiil. There was
those who clung to the truth and those about whom Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala im
Quran says:

"They change the meaning of the words." (2:75)

So they took the words from the Bible and changed them - the scribes
changed the words - and some of it was done to the leaders of the time
satisfied because we know that Bani israiil among different nations
lived For example, they lived under Roman leadership while the Romans
were still pagans and they lived under the leadership of the kings of Babylon, who were also
Were pagans and according to a story mentioned in the Tafsiir it is said that
at one time some of the rabbis from Bani Israiil the Babylonian
King gave a fatwa allowing him a haraam relationship, but they gave
The battle of hearts and minds

gave him such a fatwa to please him. So you changed the law
Allah's Azza wa Jell to please a person.
So this conflict in the Muslim world: What are the non-Muslims doing
According to the US News and World Report, it says:

“Today Washington strikes back. After repeated missteps after the attacks on
September 11th, the US government started a campaign for political warfare
likewise no one had gathered since the height of the Cold War.
From military troops for psycho-operations and CIA secret agents to public
Washington puts millions upon millions of donated media and advisory meetings
Dollars in a campaign, not only to benefit Muslim society alone, but also
to influence Islam itself. "

Again: The US is trying to change Islam itself. Without any
They openly say with shame: “We not only have one desire for it, the Muslim one
To influence society, but rather to change the religion itself. "
It is likely that the rabbis in the time of Bani Israiil who wrote the book
Allah changed, never dared to say such a thing openly, to say
these - not even hidden - “We want to change Islam - yes, we want to
Then the article continues:

"In at least two dozen countries, Washington has discreetly broadcast Islamic radio
and television programs, study groups at Muslim schools, Muslim
Council meetings, political workshops and other programs donated to one
present moderate Islam. Federal aid flows into the restoration of mosques that
Preservation of old copies of the Koran and even in the construction of Islamic schools. "
Well, as we can see here, they are trying to spread this modern Islam
- modern by their definition - and they spend millions of dollars on it.
Brothers and sisters, when a Muslim, a true Muslim, hears that non-
Muslims who have no knowledge of the religion who do not believe in Allah Azza wa Jell
who do not believe in Muhammad (sas) and who do not believe the Quran as a book
accept from Allah - when a Muslim hears such people openly claim
that they want to change our religion, this should be him and each and every one of them
make angry with us who have any love for Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala.
How do you dare ... and who are you ... to tell us what Islam is and
what not?!!!

In truth, we even find President Bush standing in front of the microphone and
teaches us about Islam - gives us a chutba on Islam. In a
Speech he gave in 2002, he said impressively:

“Islam is a belief that gives satisfaction to one billion people in the world
and who made brothers and sisters of every race. It is a belief based on love
is founded, not on hatred. "
Well, his statement is true; I mean Islam is a billion faith
Gives satisfaction to people of the world and he has brothers and sisters out
made of every race and it is a religion that is based on love, not on
Hate; I mean the statement is correct to some extent, but who is Bush to
to tell us what Islam is and what is not? Who gave him the authority
The battle of hearts and minds

to speak for Islam? Subhanallah, we even have Muslims at this time
seen who were happy and proud to have Bush in this way about Islam
spoke. The matter, however, shows the arrogance and know-it-all view that these
Have kuffar. They think we need someone to tell us what the
Islam is and what is not. This know-it-all view was even left un-
Muslim commentators do not go unnoticed. One of them says sarcastic on

“The entire political leadership seems to be getting a quick additional degree in Islamic

To have achieved studies that gives them the ability to tell about the true population
To teach the nature of Islam. "
In another review from Rand ... and by the way, Rand is a nonprofit
Organization of sixteen hundred employees who work in the US
Ministry of Defense supplied with analyzes. So it's the Pentagon
connected; and somehow big corporation Rand has been taking a fancy lately
the thing with the hearts and minds and has more than one
Publication made on this subject ...
In this report entitled: “Civil Democratic Islam” by Sheryl
Banorand ... and she is a Jew who lives with a murted (apostate from Islam)
is married - it can't get any worse! Her husband is Zalmai
Khaleel Zaad, the Murted, if ever a Muslim, of some very high post
in the US Department of Defense, as you know. In part he was an ambassador for
the UN and partly for Afghanistan and Iraq. So you put him in some
quite a sensitive post. So this Sherly Benorand is his wife ...
She published the report for Rand under the title: “Civilian Democratic
Islam". You can already see from the title what kind of Islam they want - what
for some kind of Islam they want to impose on us. By the way: You are willing to be in
to go over to such an extent to send their armies upon us to bring us the
certain version of Islam that they require us to observe,
to impose.
Yani, brothers, Subhanallah, Muslims should stand up and oppose such one
Unite arrogance. Some of her recommendations: She said that - and she is speaking here
about these moderate Muslims:

"Supports the cost of publishing and distributing your work."

Before I go on, who is the moderate Muslim after you? Well they have
even a list was made to define who is a moderate Muslim and who
Not. You do some pretty detailed work here. Let's see who according to
they are the moderate Muslim.

"Characteristics of a Moderate Muslim" by Rand Publications:

1. Democracy: A moderate Muslim is a Muslim who believes in democracy and that
democratic system believes.

Well, there are some Muslims who embrace democracy and say that
Islamic system resembles the Shura of democracy. So they say they as
Muslims could use the term “democracy”, but in reality to them
Shura believe. But they say, “It's more appealing to the West if we
talk about democracy because they don't follow the Islamic concept of Shura
understand. ”I quote to you what some Muslims believe and say. they think
The battle of hearts and minds

On top of that, they aim to abolish the despotism that exists in Muslims
Countries that could get help and support from the West,
when they market themselves as people who want to introduce democracy. In this
there is a serious problem because:
1. Democracy is not Islamic. Democracy is a system and Islam
brought us a completely different system and if its really Islamic
State believes in the Shura, then says: Shura. Call it what it is and call it
it's not democracy.

2. This trick won't work for the Rand people because they have one
detailed definition of what democracy they are given by a moderate
Muslim expect. So you say - and I quote here:

“Participation in democracy as understood in the liberal western tradition
“So don't tell me about democracy as you understand it from an Islamic point of view;
no - that is not satisfactory. What we want is to participate in the
Democracy as it is understood in the liberal Western tradition. "
Then they go on to say:

“Supporting democracy also includes opposition to the concepts
of the Islamic State "
"A moderate Muslim is a Muslim who believes in a democratic system,
that is contrary to the Islamic State. "; and then they say:

“From the above it follows that it is not enough to make a group as democratic
declare that they take elections as the basis of forming a government, such as
in the case of the present Egyptian brotherhood. "
The second characteristic of this moderate Muslim is:

2. Acceptance of non-religious sources of law

What is meant is that you willingly and openly follow human laws and say them
here in the report:

“The dividing line between a moderate Muslim and a radical Islamist is this
Application of the Sharia. "
So for them every Muslim who wants to apply the Sharia is an extremist
and a moderate Muslim is a Muslim who will French law that
British law or international law or whatever you like for as long as it takes
it is man made to obey. The third characteristic of a moderate

3. Respect for the rights of women and religious minorities

Well, we believe in women's rights and the rights of religious minorities, but
not by their definition. By their definition, extremism if there is one
Islamic State there that enforces the Hijaab and when it is the Christians and the
Judged Jews to pay jizyah, he is extremist.
Then the fourth quality of a moderate Muslim:
The battle of hearts and minds

4. Opposition to terrorism and illegitimate violence

A Muslim who defends his country, who repels siege, a Muslim who under
Islamic leadership wants to live is an extremist and the moderate Muslim is one
Muslim who invites the US Army to invade his country and who is happy to leave
Follow man made laws and is a person who has no honor and
Has dignity to defend himself against aggression. That is a moderate one
Muslim. As you can see, a Muslim who is moderate to them is really a non-
Muslim because these four definitions they gave are Kufr, not Islam. So, from
now I won't call him a moderate Muslim anymore, but I think
that a fringe Muslim is a fitting phrase. You also have a list here
a questionnaire to be given to a Muslim who fills it out and then
could they categorize him as a moderate or an extremist. Subhanallah,
you can see the arrogance and know-it-all view they have about Muslims in
do not escape all this. Here they test our aqida, they test our faith
and give us schemes.
The questionnaire is:

“Does the group or the individual tolerate violence? If she does not tolerate violence at the moment
or supported, has she tolerated or supported them in the past? "
So they won't even leave you alone if you fight violence now
speak. If you have dealt with violence in the past, you will
be held responsible for it. Next question:

“Does she support democracy? And if so, it defines democracy in general, if it does
comes to individual rights? "
Following question:

"Does it support internationally recognized human rights?"

Next question:

"Does it make any exceptions, e.g. regarding freedom of religion?"

So if you want to carry out the riddah rule it is extremism.

"Does she believe that changing one's religion is an individual right?"

“So if a Muslim wants to become a Jew or if a Muslim wants to become a Christian
or worship a cow or a monkey or a snake
he should have the right to do so. If a Muslim, who to the straight path
was guided and honored by becoming a Muslim and Allah Azza wa Jell
knew and followed Muhammad (sas) - if such a person Allah, Subhana wa
Ta'ala, who has blessed - afterwards wants to worship a cow, he should have the right to do so
to have."

"Does she think the state should implement the Shari'a criminal law component?"
So there should be no huduud.

"Does she believe that the state is the civil law component of the Shari'a, for example
Conduct matters relating to marriage - polygamy; or believe
you that there should be non-Sharia options? "
The battle of hearts and minds

Subhanallah, what are we talking about here? About a vegetable market where you can
Buys potatoes and onions? What does that mean: non-Sharia options ?! No country
the world gives you options in law. There is a law on every matter.
Here they want us to have options so that we can run into court
and you get a multiple-choice question: Which law do you want to follow?
Allah, Subhana wa Ta'ala, says:

“But no, by your lord, they cannot have true faith until they let you in
to judge all disputes between them and none in their souls
Find resistance to your decision, but with full conviction
accept. "(4:65)
No Muslim is a Muslim unless he accepts Allah's Azza wa Jell law.
No Muslim is a Muslim if he rejects the Sunnah of Rasoulullah (sas).
Then the questionnaire continues:

“Does she believe that members of religious minorities have the same rights as Muslims
should be collected? "

“Does she believe that members of religious minorities in a majority Muslim

Country can hold high political offices? "
We answer “no” to this question. You cannot hold high office
because Allah Azza wa Jell says:

“O you who believe, do not take as confidants those outside of your schemes. you will be
do not hesitate to ruin yourselves. They only desire your downfall. Obvious hatred
has already appeared from their mouths and what their hearts hide is far
worse. We have made the signs clear for you, if you have wisdom. ”(3: 118)
So this Ayah does not allow us al Yahuud and an Nasaara as Bitaanah, adviser,
to take or give them high offices. The questionnaire continues:

“Does she believe that religious minorities in a predominantly Muslim country can do so?
should be called to build and lead institutions of their faith? "
Well, the Islamic law regarding this is that they are allowed to use their
To have original synagogues and churches, but not to build new ones. That's so
according to the code of law concerning ahl adh Dhimmah. And then:

"Does it accept a legal system based on non-religious legal principles?"
So the whole thing is kufr. This is what they consider a moderate Muslim
matters. Tayyib, we're going back to this Sheryl's recommendations
Bano edge. Your first recommendation is:

"We should cover the costs of publishing and distributing the work of the marginal
Muslims supported. "
This is to spread the falsehood. Your next recommendation:

"Encourages them to write for mass audiences and for the youth"
This is because they have recognized that the masses in the Muslim world are the
Knowing the truth and knowing who is speaking for it and who is not.
They also understand that the danger comes from the youth because it is the youth
who stands for al Haqq. Ibrahim (as) was a youth when he was idols
destroyed and we know from the history of the cave in Suratul Kehf that this one
The battle of hearts and minds

Men who went to the cave were teenagers and we know from Sirah
that the early followers of Rasulullah (sas) were teenagers. Now encourage them
so the aberrations of the youth. Your next recommendation:

"Make their views known in the curriculum of Islamic school education"

You have already taken some concrete steps in this direction. They have
ruined the curriculum in many Muslim countries. Entire parts were
extinguished and changed. Everything that talks about jihad, about the huduud
speaks and what speaks about the government of Allah became out of the curriculum
taken. Next recommendation:

“Help them and encourage them in the media and supplementary curricula of relevant countries
an awareness of their pre-Islamic history and culture "
"So let's z. B. revive the civilization of the pharaohs. Let's get over
the pharaohs speak and present them in a positive light. let us
about their civilization, conquests and development that they made in this early period
have achieved talk. Let this happen instead of talking about them
Islamic civilization and let's get the local pre-Islamic culture
Revive societies. So let's talk about pre-Islamic Arabia
and Arab nationalism and let's talk about the history of the Berbers in
North Africa and let's talk about the Roman and Greek history of
asch shame. ”That is why we see great interest from archaeologists in the
pre-Islamic history of the Middle East. You talk a lot about Mesopotamia
and Egypt in the time of the pharaohs. We should be aware of this and we should be
shouldn't have any pride in our pre-Islamic history. It's all
Jahiliyyah and it shouldn't even be called civilization because it isn't. It
is the path to Jehannem; it is Thulumaat, darkness upon darkness and it is Pharaoh
a symbol of evil. It shouldn't be presented in any positive light
When Rasulullah (sas) passed Diyaar Thamud with his army, that
Residential area of ​​the Thamud, and some Sahaba wanted to enter, allowed
Rasulullah (sas) it to them not. Why? So that they don't get from what they see
be impressed and told them:
"Do not enter their houses unless you are aware of the fate that has befallen them,
It should be taken as an ´Ibrah (teaching) and as having water out of the
Wells that Thamud drew up and used for the dough of their breads, said
Rasulullah (sas) to them that they should feed their animals with this dough and
should not eat of it themselves, nor should they drink from the well of Thamud
should. This so that a barrier may be set between us and this kuffar.
Your next recommendation:

"Encourages the popularity and acceptance of Sufism"

So she wants to spread Tasawwuf; not because of their love for Tasawwuf itself,
but because of his attitude to jihad fi sebilillah and because of him
Nonviolence. But would they e.g. the Tasawwuf of ´Umar Mukhtar or some
other movements that existed in North Africa or the subcontinent?
Then, under the title:

"Stand against and confront the fundamentalists"

she has some recommendations. The first of these:
The battle of hearts and minds

"Reveals their links to illegal groups and activities"


"Publishes the consequences of their acts of violence"

Well, in war there are people who are killed and some of them are innocent.
That is the nature of war. Yet Muslims do their best to avoid the killing
To avoid the innocent and there is strict jihad fi sebilillah
Rules set forth by Rasulullah (sas), e.g. that non-fighting
Women, the elderly and monks shouldn't be killed that trees and
Plants shouldn't be burned down and felled etc. What she's talking about here
is: "We should avoid the accidental accidents that happen to the mujahideen fi sebilillah,
take, for example, when some innocent people perish, take them out of the
Draw proportions and make a big deal of it and when the US Army
kills and bombs entire residential areas and kills everyone in them, women,
Children and the elderly, let's put that aside and not over it
speak and forget it and when it is revealed to the world then we find
a reason to apologize. Anyway, if the Muslims fi in their struggle
sebilillah make a mistake or an accidental accident happens, let us in
make a big thing out of it and pull it out of its proportions. We see this
happened all the time to such an extent that now in the minds of the
It is anchored in people that Muslims are violent people in none
Respect wisely for the rights of innocent people. Why? Because this is a
Is a misconception spread by the western media. This is the agenda
Of the West. This in order to put the Muslims in such a light. But everyone still like that
simple person with the smallest amount of intelligence can see it's the
USA are now innocent in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and elsewhere
kill by dropping bombs unconcernedly in areas of the Muslim population
throw and in the embargo that was imposed before the war in Iraq, more than died
a million people; and now we have a whole generation of Iraqis living in
Living poverty caused by such an embargo and the spread of
Diseases that also resulted from this embargo. Your next recommendation:

“Avoid the violent hands of fundamentalists, extremists and terrorists
To show respect and admiration for them "
See what she says then:

"Depicts them as disturbed and cowardly, not as evil heroes"
Sometimes you bring to your enemy because of a certain quality he has
Respect. For example, the West can express its admiration for
Salahuddin does not hide for his chivalry and courage. Through the
Throughout history we find wars between different nations
and people broke out, nonetheless the enemies brought the other side
a certain respect and showed a certain admiration. To
For example, at certain times they said: "Yes, it is true that these are our enemies,
but we have to speak a word of truth: they are brave. Yes, it is true,
that they are our enemies, but still they have a point of view. ”Things like
this. According to Banorand, we are not even required to do such a thing
To show admiration. We shouldn't even portray them as evil heroes; and
then she specifically wants to present or portray them as disturbed and cowardly. These
We have heard the "cowardly" thing over and over again and I am
The battle of hearts and minds

amazed to see some muslims who like parrots this condemnation

to repeat.
Subhanallah, I fail to understand how Israeli soldiers do that
Wear bulletproof vests and steel helmets and stand behind the pile of
Hiding sandbags and still from the stones, those from Palestinians
Children are thrown, run away, are brave, while the Palestinian
Children attacking the soldiers at full speed, armed with nothing but
Pieces of rock and dressed in nothing but pants and t-shirts, cowards are. I
can't understand that; and that the American heroic soldiers who
fight from the comfort of their armed bradlies and strikers, but still in
the layers of bulletproof equipment in the searing heat of the Iraqi
Summer sizzle, are brave, while the Iraqi mujahideen with nothing but
armed with the light weapons of guerrilla warfare, supposed to be cowards; and what
I really can't understand is: How can the martyr, the Shahid, the
voluntarily and happily surrenders his soul to Allah who shares his destiny
Running towards joy and meeting death with a smile - how can so
someone be a coward? But that's what they were called and that's what
what the parrots in the Muslim world repeated that these people
Cowards are. Then she goes on to say:

“Encourages journalists to report corruption, hypocrisy and immorality in

to investigate fundamentalist and terrorist circles "
What she could also have said: “Let's fake such things against her
and bring them to justice and charge them for those bogus accusations
condemn unjustified judgments in prison. "
Imam Jamil Amin was sentenced to life imprisonment in America because he
was accused of killing a police officer. Humidana Turki, the
Head of al-Bashir Publications in Denver, Colorado, served life imprisonment
convicted for being accused of raping his employee and us
could be wrong with a list of people against whom the US government is wrong
Has faked allegations only to liquidate them and out of the picture
to banish, keep going. Take, for example, the story of Captain Lee,
the Imam of Guantanamo. Allahu 'Alim what was the reason; despite that he is a
Was a marine and an employee and with the US government, they took him off
somehow disliked for one reason or another, therefore accused
they start him with espionage, with the passing on of classifieds
Information to Syria and when that didn't bring anything, Subhanallah - with what
then did you accuse him? With pornographic material on his laptop;
and its offense is that this laptop is owned by the state - then how can it
Have pornography on it? They also accused him of adultery and
tried to ruin his family and then in the end it didn't work
so all judgments were dropped.
As stated in this US News and World Report article:

“But individual CIA overseas stations make some uncontrolled, novel ones

Movements, including pouring funds into neutralizing militant anti-
US preachers and recruits "
And they say:

“If you find out that mullah 'Umar is doing this on a street corner, you set the mullah
Bradley to the other street corner to counter him. "
The battle of hearts and minds

I wonder how many Mullah Bradleys they have in the Muslim world now.
Then she says:

"Encourages Separations Among Fundamentalists"

Dear brothers and sisters, we are not just political and military victims
US aggression, but we are also victims of their lies. You have about our
Brothers lied and tried them on false accusations until they hate them
in our hearts and they have planted the seeds of disagreement among us.
Now she says openly: "We want to encourage disagreement among fundamentalists."
For example, look at how they always try when an Islamic group tries
the law of Allah Azza wa Jell to establish the impression of the people on this
Destroy group. Unfortunately, this lie is believed by many Muslims because of it
Are victims of this western media and US lies. We have to be aware of that
be aware and we have to be careful. We shouldn't rely on their sources
leave when it comes to information concerning our brothers. Take that
Information from appropriate sources. Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala says:

"When a Fasiq (corrupt Muslim) brings you news, make sure that
lest you do wrong to other people in ignorance and repent afterwards
must do what you have done. "(49: 6)
What if the source isn't a fasiq but a kafir? So we have to
be careful of what we hear. As e.g. the Taliban about Afghanistan
ruled a lot of things have been heard about them. You have one in the media
Heard a lot of lies about them. This so that the Ummah will hate them and to
try to plant the seeds of disagreement among us.
When Islamic law was introduced in Somalia - what did they have about them
said? Therefore, Muslims: we have to be very careful!

All of these efforts have been made since September 11th. Without saying it
there was nothing of the kind before, but September 11th gave them some more information
Importance. As I mentioned here in the US News and World Report:

“After repeated missteps since the 9/11 attacks, the US government has
a campaign of political warfare began and has been advocated since
The climax of the Cold War had not gathered. "
That the emphasis was on this battle of views matter
so was a afterbirth of September 11th. So it was a good seven years now
for the US, where they use their intelligence, their resources like financial and
put human resources into changing Islam. And what are they
Results? Brothers and sisters, if the British Empire, the greatest
The empire of its time, which dominated the seas, dominated the US military
every area: land, sea, air and space. The US gives more than the next
fourteen countries combined, which accounts for nearly 50% of global spending, for
Defense out and the US is also spending more money on defense research and
developments than the rest of the world put together. The USA that
strongest power of our time that spends millions on these efforts and their weapons
spanning the globe, despite all this, cannot defeat the true Muslims and
can't win in this war of views.
In an article in the Washington Post, Shibly Tilhamy, a member of the dated
Appointed advisory group and public diplomacy and the White House
Scientists from the Brooking Institutes:
The battle of hearts and minds

“It's worse than failure. Failure means try and do it
doesn't get better. At this point, however, three years after September 11th, you can
say there wasn't even much of an attempt and the Arab and Muslim
Attitudes and levels of mistrust towards the US are far worse today
are than three years earlier. Bin Laden wins through our misconduct. "
So you fail and Miss Benorand and her cronies at Rand and that
Pentagon should know that their plan will fail because Allah is the best of
Planner is and not the fundamentalists and extremists who despise them
will only win in Afghanistan and Iraq, but continue their march
until they drive your people, the Jews, out of the holy land and
will anchor their black banners firmly on the rooftops of Jerusalem. Your
Troubles are failures. Allah Azza wa Jell says:

“Certainly those who disbelieve spend their fortune to help the people of
To keep Allah's way. They will spend it, but then they will deeply regret it and
then they will be defeated and the unbelievers will be gathered in hell
become. "(8: 36)
They will spend their millions of dollars and it will be fruitless for them
and then in the end they will lose and then after that they will go to hell
be. The results in the field of views are more important - brothers and sisters
Sisters - as the victories of the mujahideen on the battlefields. It is more important
to talk about the methodology (minhaj) they represent. Because as Allah Azza
wa Jell talked about the people of the trench in Suratul Buruj, they did not have on that
Battlefield won. They lost. They were killed. The king has for her
Trenches were dug and they were burned alive. But because they
clinging to the truth and being steadfast, Allah Azza wa Jell said:

"That is the greatest win" (85:11)

So we should be more concerned about what is in the hearts and minds of the
Muslim is as what happens on the battlefield. In this area, brothers and
Sisters, Subhanallah, although it is true that many Muslims agree with this plan
of the USA may be deceived and there have been many Muslims before that
We were asleep and can now perhaps be declared brain dead, it's up
on the other hand, amazingly nice to see Islam being revived before
especially among the youth. The clarity of thought and maturity of understanding,
that we find in some young people today is amazing, especially when
one about some Muslim youth of the second and third generation im
West speaks. You continue to understand Islam more and more clearly. It is
amazingly nice to see that. It is life that comes out of the dead.
Allah Azza wa Jell brings life out of the dead. These live in the cave of the
Lions. You are targeted and first in this war of views
Defense line and they are the ones who get the most of it.
Nonetheless, they hold on to the truth. The understanding they have of theirs
Have responsibility as Muslims and your will to accomplish this task is yours
Understanding of Wala and Bara, their understanding of the importance of the law
To establish Allah on earth and establish al Chilaafah al Islamiyyah - all of this is
good to see. How many Muslims wake up from their sleep! And in others
Areas as the area of ​​views and also the area of ​​hearts and minds
including, we find that, Subhanallah: If Allah Azza wa Jell a
Thing, He will create the reasons for it. We find that the US is in
The battle of hearts and minds

Faux pas are tapped. The invasion of Iraq, for example, is a total disaster for them
UNITED STATES. An American field service officer says:

“The sequence of results turns Bush's invasion of Iraq into a fiasco with no parallels in
American foreign policy since Vietnam and the end is not in sight. "
Correct; the end is not in sight. You have only seen the beginning and we will find
suggest that now, seven years after September 11th, there are Muslims living in
Afghanistan on al Haqq, those in Iraq on al Haqq, those in Chechnya
al Haqq who are on al Haqq in Palestine and who are on al Haqq in Somalia.
That was not the case before September 11th. Things are getting better
for the Muslims. Bush's invasion of Iraq; what did she bring? she has the
Establishing the core of an Islamic state with it - a
unintended result. Actually, that was exactly what she saw from happening
wanted to prevent. All because of their misguided actions - actually it is
a trap set by Allah Azza wa Jell - because America of today Fir'aun from
yesterday is and for every Fir'aun there will be a Musa; and just like
Fir'aun calculated his steps and planned movements, he still committed fatal ones
Error. Because Allah Azza wa Jell Musa and the people of Bani Israil give the victory
wanted to see the same thing happen to America today. You have to yourself
dug a hole themselves and fell in and they are incapable
to come out.
The announcement of the establishment of an Islamic State in Iraq, a recent one
Event in Baghdad, the capital of Islamic Chilaafah, the longest
served by the descendants of al Abbas, the uncle of Rasulullah (sas) -
for we know that Baghdad was founded by al Abbasiyyin, al Chilaafah al
Abbasiyya. They made Baghdad their capital for several centuries
served for this; a period of enlightenment and civilization in the Muslim world.
Baghdad was the largest city in the world at that time. The announcement of the
Establishment of an Islamic State in Iraq, in Baghdad, the capital of
al Chilaafah al Abbasiyya, with the current leader of the state, who is a
A descendant of Hussein ibn Ali is of great importance. It is one
Matter that the West has either missed or intentionally tried to
to ignore. Well, whether this state expands into the next Muslim Chilaafah
or by the immense conspiracy against the rise of any Islamic
State is being brought up, destroyed, I believe that this is a
monumental event is. We won't put our hopes in anyone
or hang something. That is not the way Muslims do it, because it comes and
go generation after generation. I mean that the fate of the Muslims
was not even dependent on the life of Rasulullah (sas). He (sas) died, and Abu
Bakr as Siddiq (ra) said to the Muslims:
“If Muhammad (sas) dies or is killed, you will be on your heels
turn around? Are you going to leave your religion? "
So when I talk about this Islamic State I say that we do nothing
know about his future. It can expand or it can be extinguished
become. However, I see his statement in itself as an important event
at. Whether it is successful or not, it represents an evolution of the idea
from the field of theory to the real world. The idea of ​​Islamic law and a
Establishing Khilaafah on earth is no longer just a speech. It is action
and it is a reflection of the fact that the mujahideen did not do the work this time
will defeat and fight the fight just to make someone else die
Reaping the fruits of their labors. Their intention is not only to those who are in their country
The battle of hearts and minds

have invaded, to be driven out just for a Munafiq to take their place,
they own a project of an Islamic State, followed by a return
to the system of Chilaafah.
Brothers and sisters, we feel our way to the last station of the hadith of
Rasulullah (sas):
"Finally there will be Chilaafah on the path of prophethood."
Well, the Americans have remained silent on this Islamic State in Iraq. you
have studied the system of Chilaafah and realized its vitality. You have the
Realized danger it hides for them and their imperial agenda. "So if that
Majority of Muslims today with their eyes closed and ears plugged low on
Sleep is why should we call their attention to it? ”Therefore
try your best to keep the news about it hidden, even though you do
are those who, by having the US military in direct contact with the
State powers of the state are the very first to know about it. you go
even to say that the leader of the state is a made-up figure.
The Islamic State in Iraq confirms that it is currently against a united power
a million soldiers fight and yet they hold out. This idea of ​​the
Chilaafah is gaining momentum in the west because they now see the danger in it. you
see that the Muslims aim to re-establish an Islamic State,
run against. That is why we find new-found interest in it. For some
For some time they had forgotten this idea or kept it in a drawer, but now
suddenly they talk about it. E.g. Bush; he said in October 2005:

“The militants believe that control of a country is the Muslim masses
will bring together what will enable them to be all moderate governments in the region too