What are the best Christian podcasts

Podcasts are booming. We present the best podcasts from church, religion, society - with a short description and a link, then you can easily subscribe to the podcasts.

The ultimate list of Church, Religion, and Belief podcasts

We present the best podcasts from church, religion, society - with a short description and a link, then you can easily subscribe to the podcasts.

Which podcast is still missing from this list?

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Podcast | Pastor and nerd

Martin Vorländer and Sebastian Jakobi

Anyone who thinks church is not weird should listen to this podcast. Pastor Martin Vorländer has a "Bavarian migration background", lives with his husband near Frankfurt and goes to the field with his dog every morning to hold a little Instagram devotion. Editor Sebastian Jakobi comes from a free church, was a class comedian and is now a dad. In the podcast "Pastor and Nerd" the two talk about topics that don't really belong together: the Bible and cyberbullying, charity and consoles, memes and human dignity. It's entertaining, sometimes absurd, but then again really exciting. The podcast Pfarrer & Nerd can be heard here on Spotify.

Alex Brandl has already learned a trade. But then he decided to become a pastor. It was never planned that way. At least not from him. He tells his story in the first episode of his podcast series "Gott or not". You can also find the # Himmelwärts podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Podcast.de. A new episode appears there every month.

Podcast | Among pastors' daughters

Johanna Haberer and Sabine Rückert

Many listeners know her from the "Verbrechen" podcast: The deputy editor-in-chief of "Zeit" and former court reporter, Sabine Rückert, is now bringing out her second podcast. With her sister, the Protestant theologian and Erlangen professor Johanna Haberer, tell the Bible from beginning to end in their podcast "Under Pastors' Daughters". Here is the link for the podcast on Spotify.

The classic for everyone who wants to get to know the Bible. Bibeltunes podcasts last 5-10 minutes - texts from the Old and New Testament are read.

Svenja and Friederike Nordholt

Svenja and Friederike Nordholt are sisters and theology students. They talk about preaching and theology on their podcast.

Podcast | Hossa Talk - exploring Christianity

The "Hossa Talk" podcast deals with the question of how being a Christian can be lived in a complex, contradicting and sometimes chaotic world - profound, funny and uninhibitedly honest. Every other episode, Jay and Gofi invite talk guests who they think can contribute an interesting view of things.

Podcast | In the middle of life

The Protestant theologian Margot Käßmann speaks in her podcast "Mitten im Leben" about faith, biblical people and other topics of society.

Lukas Klette and Simon Mallow

The Hamburg vicar Lukas Klette and the Berlin social worker Simon Mallow read the Gospel of Mark in their podcast "Offenbart" and then talk about it. They connect the text passages with their everyday life - and want to give suggestions to do the same.

Podcast | Religion & Orientation

Once a week the magazine of the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation provides information about religion, church and society. The program is offered as a podcast and is suitable for anyone interested in religion and church who wants to stay up to date.

A technology expert and a theologian discuss autonomous driving, tindering, artificial intelligence or the Corona warning app. Chris and Roman analyze and speculate about fascinatingly new and sometimes apocalyptically gruesome future scenarios. The podcast of the net theologians on Podigee - the net theologians are part of yeet, the evangelical content network.

The "Fresh Counter" podcast is called "exquisite" and appears every 14 days. Katharina and Rolf interview more or less prominent people from church and theology on the subject of "Church of the Future". Anna Nicole Heinrich is asked about her experiences with Clubhouse, Karsten Kopjahr about media theology, Daniel Hufeisen about peace or Theresa Brückner about her presence in social media.

Popcorn pilgrims

Ever thought about how belief and religion appear in movies? Then the podcast "Popcorn-Pilger" by Fabian Apel and Uwe Reckzeh is just right. The two serial bingers and theologians from the Euskirchen media workshop take a look at the classics - and see where God can be found in the "Barbarians", in "Indiana Jones" or "Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella".

Outside with Claussen

Johann Hinrich Claussen is a Protestant theologian and cultural representative of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD). In his podcast "Draussen mit Claussen" from RefLab he talks to his guests about culture, theology and religion. Sometimes it is about the question of how abuse can be cleared up, or it is about anxiety disorders, then about Islam or the "New Right" and their theology.

Pastor preaches

The evangelical pastor Daniel Städtler left the church as a young person because he considered the faith to be unreasonable. Then he changed his mind - and is now a pastor in Bavaria. Städtler publishes his sermons in his podcast "Herr Pfarrer prigt" - about shepherds, robots or a biblical passage.

Gretchenfrage - the socio-theological podcast

Florian, Mark, Meike make the podcast crucial question. Why Believe and Belong to a Church? Why join a church that has never been criticized - this is what the podcasters ask. Florian Giersch is a pastoral consultant, Meike Kröger is a goldsmith, Mark Bothe is also a pastoral consultant - and they talk about suffering, pandemics, church and faith.

Whisper questions

There are no stupid questions - according to this motto, Elske Gödeke and Jule Grote answer questions about faith. If you want, you can ask the two of them a question via Instagram - the answer can then be heard in the Whisper Question podcast. It's about the crucifixion, existence in hell or Jesus as an orthopedic surgeon.

MIKA - Podcast of Diakonie Bayern

Every fortnight, experts speak in the MIKA podcast on topics such as social policy, social economy, diakonia and the church. They are interviewed by a team of moderators from the Diakonisches Werk Bayern, the second largest welfare association in the Free State.

Theotabea - Tabea Kraaz preaches

Tabea Kraaz is vicar in Frankfurt. In her podcast "Sermons of Theotabea" you can hear her sermons and her spiritual word. The sermons are meant to be listened to and listened to, says the vicar.



Other Recommendations?

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