Which film successfully combines action and comedy?


Action films: a genre for all ages

The genre Action serves the nature of cinema: It is about visual events, movement and tension. Lots Blockbusters and series of films that make up major annual cinema events are action films.

Which films of the genre action are available as video on demand on TVNOW?

Not only the well-known Mission Impossible series is available. As the highlight of the Taken series 96 Hours - Taken 3, Liam Neeson as ex-CIA agent Bryan Mills has to find out who killed his ex-wife Lenore. The action drama Colombiana is also moving, in which a woman becomes an avenging killer through a terrible fate. In Lucy you can marvel at another successful variant of action cinema: in the mix of action and science fiction Scarlett Johansson a woman develops psychokinetic abilities through a drug. Olympus Has Fallen - The World in Danger - uses a classic model of the genre as a siege film. Further action highlights are:

What classics of action films are there?

Action films became the recipe for box office success in the 1980s. Even today, Die Hard, 1988, is considered a classic of the action film alongside Lethal Weapon. Bruce Willis has to rescue hostages in a skyscraper that are threatened by criminals. The hit film based on a novel by Roderick Thorp spawned four sequels. Lethal Weapon, 1987, with Mel Gibson as ex-Navy SEAL Martin Riggs and Danny Glover as Detective Roger Murtaugh is an example of the fun version of action cinema. For many genre fans, Jan de Bont's Speed ​​with Sandra Bullock is the mother of the action film with a bus that is not allowed to travel less than 50 kilometers per hour because otherwise a bomb will go off.

What are the different subgenres of action films?

The combination of science fiction and action is popular: these films are often starred, like Tom Cruise in Oblivion. In addition to visual show values, the action drama relies on strong characters such as Cataleya in Colombiana. The tradition of the action film is through that Action adventure embossed. This is about spectacular film sequences like the truck ride in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. The action comedy is always popular, for example Beverly Hills Cop with Eddie Murphy. Every year in cinema brings out new action thrillers. A successful example is 96 Hours - Taken 2. Heist films are about raids in which the criminals are the main characters. The classic Lethal Weapon co-founded the sub-genre of Cops & Robbers. Real action fans also love the martial arts genre, which is presented, for example, by the French Transporter series, such as The Transporter Refueled. The spectrum of the action genre also includes disaster films such as Dante’s Peak. On TVNOW there are also films on extraordinary subgenres of action films such as computer game adaptations and alien invasions:

What typical elements define the action genre?

Action films are characterized by simple, effective concepts. A typical style element are Timelocks: The hero is in a race against time. In addition, the liberation of people from buildings, government seats, airplanes and ships is considered a timeless formula. Often the heroes in the action film are ex-elite soldiers, ex-agents and ex-police officers, for example Jason Statham in Transporter - The Mission.

Which directors and stars shape the action film?

In addition to Jason Statham, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dwayne Johnson, Harrison Ford, Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, Charles Bronson, Steven Seagal and Sylvester Stallone among the big action stars. Action heroines are embodied, for example, by Sandra Bullock, Sigourney Weaver, Milla Jovovich or Uma Thurman. Well-known directors of action cinema are Richard Donner, Luc Besson, Steven Spielberg, Olivier Megaton and Michael Bay with Transformers.

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