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Fuel cost calculator for petrol or diesel

The fuel cost calculator from WirtschaftsWoche allows you to quickly and reliably calculate the fuel costs with your vehicle for a certain route.

How the fuel cost calculator works

With our fuel cost calculator you can calculate the fuel costs as well as the liter consumption per kilometer driven and the range in kilometers. Depending on what you would like to determine, you can select one of the three options in the gray box on the right.

If you decide to calculate the fuel costs, please enter further data on the current gasoline price, your average fuel consumption (l / 100 km), the distance traveled in kilometers and the number of passengers in the white selection box on the left. After the entry is complete, our fuel cost calculator determines either the costs incurred per person or the total costs.

The following data must be entered in order to calculate the consumption: the kilometers driven, the total fuel consumption of the distance covered and the number of people transported. The result is the consumption per person and the total consumption in liters per 100 kilometers.

If you are only interested in calculating the range of your vehicle, please indicate how many liters of fuel your vehicle uses on average over 100 kilometers and how many liters of fuel are available to you.

Why is it useful to calculate fuel costs?

The fuel cost calculator is helpful for all drivers and passengers in order to reliably calculate the exact travel costs. This gives you an exact cost calculation for your vacation planning or you can distribute the travel costs incurred fairly among the passengers.

Because it is quite conceivable that the use of public transport is a cheaper alternative. In addition to calculating travel costs, the fuel cost calculator can also determine whether your vehicle is using too much fuel.

In the event of abnormalities, you should have the consumption checked by an expert. Important to know: This is only about the fuel costs, not the total costs of a vehicle. Depreciation, taxes, inspections, tire changes and maintenance are added to these in order to calculate the actual financial burden of the trip.

5 tips for saving: How you can save on fuel consumption

To do your wallet and the environment a favor, keep your fuel consumption as low as possible. We'll reveal five simple tricks for you to get from A to B in a fuel-efficient manner.

  1. Accelerate your vehicle as quickly as possible and quickly shift into a higher gear. You drive so low-speed and that saves fuel.
  2. Get rid of excess ballast from your car. The more weight you transport, the higher the consumption.
  3. You should switch off your engine if you are standing still for a long time, for example in traffic jams or at level crossings. You save fuel after just a few seconds without idling.
  4. Anticipatory driving without sudden braking also reduces fuel consumption.
  5. An engine oil tailored to your car and optimal tire pressure reduce your consumption, while air conditioning and auxiliary heating are real fuel guzzlers.

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