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In Jakob Lipp's new book “Communicative Competence”, managers can learn from mentalists. In an interview with campus.de, Lipp reveals the first communication trick for business success. ›More

The subject of cybersecurity is still not taken seriously enough, says expert Thomas R. Köhler. He gives executives a book with which they can prepare their company in the event of a cyber threat. Including one… ›more

Jule and Lukas Bosch are the authors of the book “ÖKOnomie - This is how leading corporate activists save our future”. You come from the world of innovation consulting and founded the startup Holy Crab a few years ago. In the book they go the… ›more

Sahra Wagenknecht draws in her book »The Self-Righteous« an alternative to a left-wing liberalism that believes it is progressive, but continues to divide society because it is only interested in its own milieu and discrimination on the basis of… ›more

Stress test stage! The new Campus Beats Podcast with Nils Zeizinger, author of »On Stage«. Listen now! ›More

The professional future is currently uncertain in many industries. But burying your head in the sand is known to make orientation difficult, says Tom Diesbrock. With his book he provides first aid for troubled times and professional dead ends. In… ›more

With her new book, Doris Märtin brings us on the trail of our personal excellence. In an interview with campus.de, the bestselling author explains what that is exactly and why it is worth working on it, especially in times of digitization and AI. ›More

Democracy needs openness, confrontation and clear rules of the game - laborious and a kind of stress test in these times of crisis. What is at stake is nothing less than the trust between citizens and politics. How can you change the constitution… ›more

Pushing digitization in the health care system is one possible way of countering the cost increases and at the same time providing better care for the sick. Using the example of five chronic diseases, Annette Mönninghoff, Elgar Fleisch,… ›more

How can companies, how can the economy remain fit for the future and, in view of a complex reality, make good money in the long term? Top manager Ana-Cristina Grohnert shows us how we have to reinvent added value. «› More