What is Drake's Fortune in 2019

That's how much Drake earns from 50 billion streams on Spotify

Drake is the first artist ever to reach and overcome the 50 billion stream milestone on Spotify.

New world record
Drake has now had five number one albums and had incredible success with “Thank Me Later”, “Take Care”, “Nothing Was the Same”, “Views” and “Scorpion”. The Canadian superstar is currently even preparing the release of his next long player and, according to his colleague Charlie Puth, will drop the work “Certified Lover Boy” on Friday, January 22nd, 2021. The four-time GRAMMY winner has not yet publicly agreed on that coup Word reported. Instead, Drake is currently celebrating another milestone:

As the US archive “ChartMasters” confirmed in mid-January 2021, Drake is the first artist in the history of the Spotify streaming service who not only generated 50 billion clicks, but had also overcome such a milestone.

The Canadian is said to have accumulated 35,704,203,269 views single-handedly, while another 14,297,795,559 streams were created thanks to collaborations such as “POPSTAR” with DJ Khaled and “Life Is Good” with Future. With over 51.5 million monthly users, who stream his 222 tracks around the clock, this world record was almost in sight ... In second place of the most successful artists on the Swedish service is Ed Sheeran with almost 30 billion streams of his 185 songs , while Post Malone received an impressive 34.3 billion views thanks to 62 uploads.

That's how much Drake deserves
Drake's most successful tracks on Spotify are called “God’s Plan” and “One Dance”, have been listened to over 3.6 billion times and landed in the top 11 most streamed uploads on the app. Those calls secured the Canadian earnings of at least 18,070,410 and 25,298,574 euros.

If you look at his entire musical catalog, all 222 tracks uploaded and over 50 billion clicks on Spotify, the streaming service should have paid the Canadian between 248,161,500 and 347,426,100 euros [calculated from $ 0.006 / $ 0.0084 per stream in euros] ... The artist has to deduct almost half of that amount in taxes and pay all the songwriters, producers and participating musicians. His management also gets a cut of around 20 percent as well as his own label, which had entered into a deal in cooperation with Cash Money Records, Young Money Entertainment and Universal Music.

But what is left for the “One Dance” interpreter after all the deliveries? According to the business magazine Forbes, Drake was able to amass a fortune of 124 million euros in 2019 and continues to generate a monthly sum that we can only dream of.