Can Scrum and project management live together

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Successful project management combines specialist and methodological knowledge with good leadership.


Classic project management

In this project management training you will develop the basics of classic project management using your own simple examples. Practically oriented and quickly implementable, you will get to know the entire project planning cycle and familiarize yourself with some of the essential project management tools.


This includes:

- Project profile

- project goals

- Environment and stakeholder analysis

- risk analysis

- project organization

- Phase plan and milestones

- Work breakdown structure

- Process and network plan

- scheduling

- Resources and cost planning

This 2-day seminar teaches you these basics.


Agile project management

Agility = SCRUM?

A common misconception. Agility means a lot more than just a single method. Agility very often means cultural change! Because in agile companies there is a different mindset than in many traditional companies. Trust is THE basis of agility. Added to this are values ​​such as respect and appreciation, courage, commitment, focus, simplicity and a good feedback and debate culture.

It is also about rediscovering the fundamental values ​​of successful coexistence and work and reviving them in everyday professional life.

In this 2-day training you will get to know the agile mindset, the agile values ​​and principles.

And apply agile methods or aspects thereof to your projects.

Methods such as the Stacey Matrix, the Cynefin Framework, Kanban, Design Thinking and Scrum.

After this training you have understood what AGILITY actually means and whether and how you can and want to use agility in your company.