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Tips to Make Buying the Right Printer Easier

In a confusing market for digital printers, you have to orientate yourself precisely in order to choose the right printer for you.

There are a few points to consider. Printing costs and printing results should be optimally coordinated.

The information on this page will help you choose a printer.

The topic overview

What do you want to print? :: Inform before buying and, if possible, test the printer :: The printing costs per page :: Paper and print media :: Ink or toner :: Document-proof prints - not every printer prints document-proof :: Simultaneous printing of the front and back :: Sorting printouts - A sorter makes work easier :: Printer for the workplace or in the network :: Storage equipment for large pictures and graphics :: Paper capacity - How often do you want to refill paper :: Form management - Several forms in one printer :: The good paper guidance makes it easier the feeding of print media

Determine what you will use the printer for

Analyze your documents and check with which printing system you can print them cost-effectively.

Today, with the right program and a good printer, you are in a position to make yourself almost independent of a printing company. You have to think carefully about what you are printing yourself and what you want to have printed.

Remember that the printer is not just for printing letters and bills. You have the option of printing business cards yourself, writing certificates, invitations and invitation cards are no longer a big expense.

Even small editions of company brochures or catalogs can be implemented quickly and cheaply with a digital printer. Large print runs from professional printers are always cheaper than digital prints.

Before buying a printer, inform and test the printer

Before you buy a printer, you should study computer magazines that regularly test printers. These reviews go into great detail about the performance of a printer. With this knowledge, the selection will be easier for you and you will not be exposed to the pretense and gibberish of technical information from the seller.

If possible, use the option of printing your own documents on the printer of your choice at your specialist dealer. This is especially important when you are comparing different printers. The installed test documents are optimized for the printer. Therefore, they do not necessarily say anything about whether this printer is right for you.

Once you have decided on a printer, you should clarify who will take care of the service before buying. If your printer does not work, you will need the service. If this is far away, repairs can be expensive. It is even worse when you have to send the printer in for service and only get it back repaired after weeks. In this case, you must keep the box with all transport locks so that you can send it safely. Even if that has been clarified with the service, we recommend you. keep the packaging at least until the end of the guarantee period.

Note the printing costs

In general, one can say that the printing costs per page are higher with inexpensive printers than with more expensive ones. In the case of inkjet printers, it is expected that the ink that is required during the "lifetime" of the printer costs around 10-15 times as much as the printer itself.

This is where you should think about how often you will need the printer and how many pages you will print out each month. This is how you determine the costs per month and can use them as a comparison figure.

With inkjet printers, you can reduce costs by buying a printer with separate color cartridges.

Please note with the information about the page yield of cartridges that this is determined with the so-called Dr.Grauert-Brief. The standardized letter contains only text and no graphics. More information at Wikipedia. Page yield drops significantly when you print a lot of graphics and pictures.

You should be very careful when choosing accessories and print media. The cheapest is not always really cheap. Using the wrong ink or toner can destroy a printer.

Poor and unsuitable print media can cause paper jams. A printer that cannot print is expensive because it costs your time and nerves.

We give you a running guarantee for the print media that you get from Papier & mehr. You can assume that you will only receive high quality from us.

Paper and print media

It is known that paper quality has a very strong influence on print quality. You should be clear about the print quality you need and use the most suitable printer for it. So you need a different printer for pure text prints, but also different paper than for photo prints and graphic printouts.

In general, the printer you choose should produce acceptable color prints on inexpensive papers.

One question that is often forgotten is the question of the paper size. Some find out afterwards that they also have to / want to print DIN A3 formats. Therefore this point should not be missing on your checklist.

Which is better: ink or toner

The consumables essentially determine the printing costs. Therefore, this point deserves a lot of attention.

For long runs, you should definitely use printers with separate ink tanks. Every company has preferred color combinations, so that with multi-chamber cartridges it often happens that one color chamber is empty. The cartridge must therefore be replaced.

There are also different approaches to laser printers.

With some printers the toner (colored powder) has to be refilled regularly. The imaging drum lasts longer in the devices and will be replaced at a different time.

For other devices, the print cartridge contains the powder paint and the imaging drum.

You can find out more about refill systems that can reduce printing costs, but are not without risk.

Be careful with the number of prints a cartridge will make. You need to know that this information relates to the so-called Dr.Grauert letter, which only contains text and no graphics. More information at Wikipedia

Document-proof prints

If you print a lot of contracts, you should choose a laser printer, because not every ink is document-proof. It is especially the dye inks that photo printers often use to print that fade over the long term if they are used with uncoated paper.

Some printer manufacturers offer printers with pigment inks. They are much more permanent. If in doubt, ask the printer manufacturer whether the inks in your printer are document-proof.

The black color of the laser printer consists largely of charcoal. This is why monochrome laser printing is light-resistant and can still be read after many years.

Specially certified printers and copiers are required for notaries' offices. These printers may then only be operated with the original accessories. Otherwise you will lose your license to practice as a notary.

Duplex printing

If you have to print on the front and back frequently, you should choose a printer with a duplex unit. The front and back are printed in one pass. That saves time.

Sorting printouts

Sorters are several paper storage compartments into which the printed pages are sorted according to a specified order. A sorter can be useful where, for example, multi-page reports are printed. The sorter saves you having to manually collate the printed pages.

You can usually control the sorted bin via the printer driver. In the case of multi-page documents, the printout is controlled in such a way that the printed pages are stored in the correct order.

Printer at work or in the network

Several workstations always access a network printer. Therefore, these printers should be more powerful and be able to process higher paper capacities than desktop printers.

Network printers are usually not assigned directly to a workstation. The printer can also be in completely different rooms.

Whether you choose a network printer or a workstation printer depends on the type of printing. This also includes the working time that is required to get a printout to the workplace for further processing.

If you need a lot of photo printouts, you should put this printer at the workplace. Imagine that you trigger a print, insert the high-quality photo paper into the printer and then, because the print preparation takes longer than with pure text printing, a colleague prints a text on your photo paper. This is not only annoying, but also expensive.

Storage equipment

When it comes to graphic printouts, the memory configuration of your printer is a very important criterion, the more memory, the faster it is. If you consider that a color photo in DIN A4 with a color depth of 24 bits requires approx. 40 MB of storage space, then you can imagine how large the printer's memory must be in order for this page to be printed quickly.

This is especially true for laser printers. Most printers do not start printing until the entire print image is in memory. If you are not sure how much storage space you need, then you should leave the option open to upgrade later.

Paper capacity

If you are printing large quantities, such as handouts, direct mail, etc., then you should ensure that the paper tray has sufficient capacity. With some printers it is possible to increase the capacity with additional feeds.

Form management

Do you often print on different papers or forms? Then paper management is important to you. Your printer should then have several paper trays. You can fill these with different papers and forms and do not need to go to the printer every time and insert different forms or papers.

Paper feeder

Paper jams are always nasty. They delay the printing. You may even have to seek service. Therefore, you should study how safe the paper feed is and how the paper is deposited.

If you frequently print on solid paper, such as business cards or invitation cards, then you should clarify which grammages (paper weight in grams per m²) can be printed by the printer without any problems.

When choosing a printer, keep in mind that the appetite often comes from eating. You discover new possibilities with the first printouts.

So choose a little more power.

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