What is Hunan beef

The Chinese kitchens:
The names colored blue below are on menus in Chinese restaurants with the various dishes, for example: "Beef Hunan" or "Beef according to Hunan style" etc ...

Kitchen name:
Xiang Cai, (Hubei, Hunan);
It is primarily known for the spicy cuisine of southern China ...

  • Hot pepper chicken

  • Beef in oranges

  • Crispy smoked duck

  • Chicken sweet and sour

  • Lotus seeds in frosting

Kitchen name:
Yue Cai, (Fujian, Canton);
The Cantonese cuisine is China's export cuisine, which consists of 4 side kitchens on the southern coastal region.

  • Bird's nest soup

  • Medicinal soups

  • Dim Sum

  • various sweet and sour dishes (pork, beef, chicken)

  • Various fried vegetable dishes

  • Different types of ravioli

  • Barbecue pork

  • Lotus seeds in frosting

  • Cherry blossom tofu

Kitchen name:
Chuan Cai, (Sichuan, Guizhou);
The most famous after Cantonese cuisine, which also has its roots in the south of the country. Spicy and aromatic flavors as well as light snacks make up those recipes.

  • Gong Bao Ji Ding (meat enriched with nuts)

  • La zi ji (spicy chicken with a pepper sauce)

  • Numerous tofu dishes such as mapo doufu

  • Various cured dishes

Kitchen name:
Lu Cai, (Northern Cuisine, Shandong Province);
The taste is primarily pure, strict and crispy and tender. Many recipes with onions and spices to perfection.

  • various soups

  • Seafood dishes

  • Various sweet and sour dishes, such as yellow river carp

  • Duck dishes like crispy duck

  • Minced meat and sea cucumber

Kitchen name:
Huai Yang Cai, (Jiangsu, Anhui, Shanghai, Zhejiang);
Light, fresh, delicate, mild and also sweet with a fragrant aroma.

  • Steamed crabs served with clear soup

  • boiled and long dried minced meat

  • candied meat

  • Crispy eel

  • Squirrel with mandarin fish (but not cook in Europe !!)

Kitchen name:
Hui cai, Muslim cuisine (Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia, Xinjiang);
Many Chinese Muslims who are of Hui nationality live in Beijing. For this reason, the Muslim restaurants there, like on the street at the small snack stalls "Yang Rou Chuanre (spicy lamb skewers), as well as flat bread and the noodles that are significant for this cuisine, are very frequented.

Beijing's mixed, moderate Muslim society, which once immigrated to Beijing from all corners of the Chinese Empire, has lived with each other for more than 1000 years.

  • Div. Pasta dishes

  • Pepper lamb skewer

Kitchen name:
Zhai Cai, Buddhist Cuisine;
Vegetarian Buddhist cooks are masters at imitating meat dishes using gluten, tofu or other plant products. Gluten and tofu are two very versatile ingredients that can be brought into different degrees of firmness and shapes.

With the right seasoning and aroma, many types of meat can be imitated pretty closely. Many soy products are added to the dish for the meaty taste. Pure vegetarian dishes are not that different from those offered in normal Chinese restaurants! The only primary difference is that pork lard is not an ingredient in Buddhist restaurants

  • Lent food of the Buddhists

  • All kinds of tofu dishes

  • various vegetarian dishes


Information on Chinese recipes, China tips, lexicon:

As for meat in China, it is said that the meat of the animals that live in the water has an oily flavor, those that eat meat have a wild flavor, and those that eat grass have a rancid flavor. Despite these tastes, it is possible to create a treat for every palate. It all depends on the preparation:

Meat that has been kept should not be savory;
boiled meat not doughy;
Sweet dishes shouldn't be sticky;
Sour dishes, on the other hand, shouldn't pull the taste buds together;
Salted food must not be too salty at all;
Spicy meals should not burn in the mouth;
Mild pieces must not be tasteless;
Serve fatty foods immediately after preparation

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